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  1. Rex Luther

    2018 Honda Accord - No V6 but fastback looks, optional 2.0T and 6 speed MT

    I like the looks, but why not just make the rear a proper hatch if they're going for that look? So much more practical than a regular boot.
  2. Rex Luther

    Unveiled: 2017 KIA Stonic

    I don't hate that. They really need to drop any offroad pretensions with the styling of these things though, as if you take it as a box with good visibility and a bit of ground clearance, small crossovers make for very practical city/commuter cars.
  3. Rex Luther

    Hyundai i30 N

    Auto (in 8sp DCT form) is still two years away. That will definately hurt initial sales here in Oz. Manuals are getting to be only a tiny fraction of sales.
  4. Rex Luther

    Hyundai i30 N The tl;dr of it: A faster GTi for a touch less money. As I trust Korean long term build quality more than German now, this seems like a much better buy than the Golf.
  5. Rex Luther

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    That is spectacularly on point. I have no idea why people watch those insanely douchey channels.
  6. Rex Luther

    Spied: Porsche 991 GT2 RS

    Plus, compared to the 488, you can be seen in even the most obnoxious of Porsche's without being rightly labeled a massive wanker
  7. Rex Luther

    Unveiled: 2017 VW Polo

    As someone who thinks "small" cars like the Golf have gotten way too big, this looks great. Unfortunately anyone who wants an actual small car will just have to wait until the Up! gets oversized in its next update.
  8. Rex Luther

    Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

    Energy Storage = Heat.
  9. Rex Luther

    Concept: BMW 8 Series concept

    If it wasn't for the taillights, I would have thought this was the new Maserati GT. This does nothing to change the fact that the only current Beemers that I'd love to own are the i3 and i8.
  10. Rex Luther

    Geely buys 49.9% of Proton and 51% of Lotus

    Did Yamaha have a hand in that one though? Either way, as Volvo don't do anything larger than a 2lt four now, it will be interesting to see where the engines will come from. I would have been on board for the old five banger in the back. THAT was a great sounding engine.
  11. Rex Luther

    Concept: Citroen C3 Aircross

    To be fair, that could very easily make it a Chinese domestic manufactures new model.
  12. Rex Luther

    Geely buys 49.9% of Proton and 51% of Lotus

    This is rather good news. Volvo have flourished under Geely. I do wonder how this will affect the Toyota engine supply though. The current Camry V6 is somehow one the more musical engines on sale today.
  13. Rex Luther

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Things I learned today. After driving a Nissan Pulsar with a CVT for two weeks, when you get back to your humble Honda Jazz, you really remember why you bought it in the first place. Its good to be home.
  14. Rex Luther

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Update: I found a "sports" mode on the gear stick. It makes the car fucking almost undrivable. The only good thing I have to say about this car is that the armrest on the door is really soft and comfy. No wonder Nissan doesn't sell these here anymore.
  15. Rex Luther

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I'm currently on holiday and rental car lottery has resulted in a CVT equipped Nissan Pulsar. Damn this gearbox is terrible.
  16. Rex Luther

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Conspiracy theory time: CVT's are a plot to get us to welcome traditional TC automatics on performance cars with open arms.
  17. Rex Luther

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    I saw it last night. It's really good. I love the fact that they spent the bulk of the sequel just further developing the characters.
  18. Rex Luther

    [24x07] April 23rd, 2017 - SsangYacht

    Honestly, just a great season of motoring related television. Of course there has been and will be better, but Matt, Rory and Chris have really elevated the show into something that last year, seemed an impossible task. I now want that Shamen thing. Its almost like the Caterham 7 of off roaders...
  19. Rex Luther

    Unveiled: 2017 Citroen C5 Aircross

    I Cactus was the last car to us the jerk store gearbox, but thats been replaced with the 6 speed TC unit now. I would like to think that that is the last we'll see of those things. They really are awfull. When we got the final gen MR2 here, they were only availiable with one of those, no manual...