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  1. TopGearDog

    I didn't either until i installed it. Think of it more as Flickr for mobile devices. It's a photo sharing app which happens to have retro filters. There are better apps for only taking retro photos, like Camera Zoom, Vignette, Retro Camera etc. Or just use your regular camera and run them...
  2. TopGearDog

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I don't get it either. It's fugly. :( Then again, my idea of a cool car is a Toyota Avensis Wagon so i cannot be taken seriously :)
  3. TopGearDog

    Really good effect on the 991 photo, which one is it? I just got the app and starting to play around. No photos uploaded yet.
  4. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: 2012 KIA Cee'd

    I totally agree. Specially with that sideview, it's almost like a Peugeot.
  5. TopGearDog

    News: The new, 2012 Audi A4

    I think the Allroad looks mean. I love it.
  6. TopGearDog

    Which new Ford model is this supposed to be?

    The mk4 Mondeo is fantastic looking. I'm saving up for a black Titanium TDCI to replace my mk3 Ghia.
  7. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: 2012 Skoda Citigo

    Looks surprisingly useful. I would not mind one. Skoda is a strong badge here now and would eat into Toyota sales.
  8. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: 2012 Subaru XV

    A Forester for not as old people? Looks better then the new Legacy so i'd rather have this. I hope the soundproofing is more Legacy then Impreza.
  9. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: 2012 Hyundai i30

    I don't like those wheelarches. They look like the ones on the new Impreza and Legacy and i think the large "border" or whatever you can call it looks iffy. Otherwise a funky car.
  10. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: 2011 Renault Koleos

    Yeah looks like a last gen Kia Sportage mated with a Hyundai Tucson and they got a 2011 facelift from Renault. Do not like. At all.
  11. TopGearDog

    edmunds Inside Line: Jaguar C-X16 Concept Breaks Cover Ahead of 2011 Frankfurt Auto

    It looks fantastic to be honest. It has all the curves in the right places.
  12. TopGearDog

    Chevy Cruze to get a diesel engine

    Diesel is awesome, glad they are trying to get it more widespread over there. I have always had petrol cars until i got my Mondeo TDCi recently and i will probably only buy diesel cars from now on. There is just something so satisfying pulling up hills and feel the the wave of torque on the...
  13. TopGearDog

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    I've played BC2 for over 520 hours and i still play it almost every day. I love it and can't wait for BF3. :)
  14. TopGearDog

    Ferrari Superamerica 45 unveiled ahead of Villa d'Este

    What a hideous colour for a Ferrari. It needs to be red.
  15. TopGearDog

    Unveiled: New 2011 KIA Picanto

    The front takes some getting used to, but overall it's quite nice, specially the interior. And the price is nothing to complain about and with a 7 year will sell like hotcakes.
  16. TopGearDog

    The Music Thread

    Epic new song with In flames.......yes i said's THAT good :D
  17. TopGearDog

    BMW US CEO: "Electric cars don't work"

    I agree. I'm from Iceland and EV's won't work here either. It's too cold and travels between towns are too long and isolated. Mind you this SHOULD be the perfect place to run EV's as our energy is 100% renewable and green as grass, but storing that energy is still a problem.
  18. TopGearDog

    W111 - 5L V8 - 260,000 EUR so....beautiful!
  19. TopGearDog

    The 2012 Impreza is here

    That thing is hideous. I've always like Impreza's, well except for the bugeye, and this.