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    Replace Rutledge Wood with Rob Dyrdek

    I like Tanner and Rutledge I can see them warming up. But Ferrara mistimed crap one liners are like nails on a chalk board. Is he a comedian really? Tanner: What would you have for 40k Ferrara: A Judge T: Oh a gto F: No a real judge *crickets* * * *Awkward smiles* * * *Nervous stares* * * *Back...
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    [18x10] December 10th, 2010

    Ben still looks like the new kid at school (they should send all the lads on one of those team bonding trips and a few nights out) What surprised me is what great drivers JP and Tiff really are. With all the TV trickery its easy to assume crafty editing makes them look faster (as in the case of...
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    [18x09] December 3rd, 2010

    Glad I downloaded it skipped thought most of it very flat. Looks like Ben Colins join after the main segments had been filmed so everything we seen is filler. Next week it looks like he's got a proper segment with JP and tiff.
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    "I just meet Jason Plato" thread on Pistonheads

    Lots of fifth gear and BTCC chaps have links with Pistionheads I believe Jonny Smith writes for PH too;
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    Just saw VBH in Waitrose Putney

    Her bangers are massive now I'm guessing they were G's (getting a photo did cross my mind). However I met Vicky before at the Ace cafe, she wasn't too friendly so I'm guessing she wouldn't be too please to be ambushed while buying baked goods in waitrose ^^
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    Just saw VBH in Waitrose Putney

    I saw VBH in the supermarket today had to do a treble take to see it was her no make-up and very preggers. I was going to say hello then remembered the JP pistonheads thread and decided not to :rolleyes:
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    "I just meet Jason Plato" thread on Pistonheads
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    TGA not returning for 2011

    this is fudge. Stupid to think TGOz would be a hit as big as TGUK off the bat. I liked the show they should of let it build. 3 shows isn't enough to get word out mouth about! TGUK has been going since the 1980s where it was a niche show, Then when the new TGUK format came out after a long break...
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    "I just meet Jason Plato" thread on Pistonheads

    Random guy meets Jason and posts his experiance on pistonheads; Now skip to page 8 about halfway down. EPIC win :lol:
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    Why the Fat Guy Needs to Leave TGA so that the Show is Sucessful

    Right I worked out which fat guy (there's 2) you were talking about. I like the whole cast its refreshing to have fresh blood in the form of younger (less bitter/jaded) presenters. One who can drive well and present is great to watch, Bearded fat guy who's witty and entertaining, and the middle...
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    Clarkson: The Italian Job DVD

    his first DVD is a long time that didn't suck. Although he still does that childlike/jackass screaming/over egging at the slightest thing
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    The WTF Japan thread

    that Hatsune Miku song was kool
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    What happens when you refuse to pose for TSA or be sexually molested to fly.

    I'm male blonde and white respectable looking. I always get pulled for extra security it doesn't bother me much (figure they do it for equality reasons). Since I know 50% of the time I'll get pulled I think of witty things to say. One trip to new York I got a pat down on the British side as he...
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    Jalopnik: Porsche Cayman R announced at LA Auto Show

    I like the cayman S. I think its more of a 911 than the current 911 (but that's another topic). I think the rear looks funny because the rear arches are hunched rather than hipped. However I think the R is a marketing gimmick. They lost 50kg but it has no AC or radio call me soft but most...
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    worse thing my wife said to me while in the driving seat (for the first time in years) "which way around are the pedals..."
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    What has happened to TGA

    Shame they're messing it around so much. Hopefully it'll find a regular slot with a 10 eps season (will be hard to build a viewing base on just 3 or 6 eps')
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    American Stig...again

    Thinks back to how the US handled Mr. Bean then gets his answer..
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    What has happened to TGA

    I preferred the Ozgear to Ukgear it felt a little more genuine rather than panto. Hopefully they'll be back soon nothing kills a program faster than moving it around the schedule every week.