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  1. RussTypeS

    Anyone knows a place on Internet to watch F1?

    If someone wouldn't mind sending me a PM or an invite code I would appreciate it. I was a F1RW member back in the day but my account doesn't work on the new site.
  2. RussTypeS

    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    I choose noise is out, without Mr. Smith Has anyone found it yet?
  3. RussTypeS

    [08x00] February 12th, 2006 [Winter Olympics]

    1:17 - 2:04: unknown remix of Chicane - Early
  4. RussTypeS

    [06x07] July 10th, 2005

    yeah you're right, my bad...
  5. RussTypeS

    [06x07] July 10th, 2005

    i can verify these songs: 00:55 - 01:17 - Hybrid - Gravastar 02:50 - 03:13 - Hybrid - Gravastar 04:30 - 05:33 - Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl
  6. RussTypeS Shutdown by FOA

    where? there is nothing there anymore...
  7. RussTypeS

    [06x01] May 22nd, 2005

    49:10-49:38 - Hybrid - Blackout
  8. RussTypeS

    [06x01] May 22nd, 2005

    2:56-3:10 - hexstatic - chase me
  9. RussTypeS

    February 6th, 2005 (Stars In Fast Cars)

    how do you get access to uknova? is the torrent hosted anywhere else?
  10. RussTypeS

    November 24th, 2003

    wow that chick cant drive for shit. she turned the same time in the radical that tiff turned in the Z4. I have a feeling the radical would have owned ariel hard had a competient driver been behind the wheel.
  11. RussTypeS

    What car would you buy if you had 100,000?

    93-95 bmw 325i 4 door +40K worth of race prep +racing the car in ITS for the next 2-3 years
  12. RussTypeS

    Aston Martin DB9 R

    apparently the car is legit, its going to compete in ALMS/ELMS in GT. should be much much faster then your roadgoing "track day" cars. obviously it wont be street legal. i cant wait to see it, im tired of porsche winning everything in GT...
  13. RussTypeS

    Drool garage

    my list is just like Likwid's, good man...
  14. RussTypeS

    Nice modified RX8

    thats the mazdaspeed rx-8, its pimp-tite!
  15. RussTypeS

    December 28th, 2003

    LMFAO, i had no idea it would be so bad: "so it looks like a dog doing a poo. its slow, uncomfortable, expensive, and cursed with a cramped badly trimmed interior. an aweful gearbox and no back seat. the engine doesnt make a particullary sporty nose, the ride is terrible, and it isnt...
  16. RussTypeS

    Driving Songs

    jamiroquai - cosmic girl = best driving song of all time punk: ataris - giving up on love ataris - san dimas high school football rules blink 182 - dammit blink 182 - not now blink 182 - the rock show all american rejects - the last song yellowcard - miles apart electronic: ak1200 - drowning...
  17. RussTypeS

    December 28th, 2003

    if it aint a type r then it aint a tight car i cant wait to see what JC has to say about the crossfire, what a POS.
  18. RussTypeS

    [03x02] November 2nd, 2003

    so, who knows the song playing when the z4 makes its first appearance? and the one for the boxter as well? i know that track i just cant think of the name...
  19. RussTypeS

    [03x05] November 23rd, 2003

    the sound is clipped pretty badly... good episode tho, toyota trucks rule!