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    Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    Black Dots Black Dots Black dots is where you'll see literally a black 2-3pixel formation right next to highlights (usually taken at night). Canon has yet to announce an official statement. But because of this "issue" a lot of people have jumped from the 5D2 to the D700. Better build quality...
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    Cars, bikes and other vehicles in HDR (photos)

    i like the hideously large numberplate. Without it, it looked like something was missing. But that's just my Opinion. Otherwise, you'll just have a plate holder. People have the "plateless 99 spec" front bumper, but i think it just doesn't look right for me...
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    Cars, bikes and other vehicles in HDR (photos)

    here's mine: 5 exposures w/o tone mapping.
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    [14x04] September 1st, 2008

    was anyone let down by them not having the Furai? They have a little tease in the pre-episode discussion by showing it with all it's amazing sound but never had a hint of it during vicki's bit... :(
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    easy to quote when you don't own a rotary car... I had the 3rd gen, and it was an amazing car. Just like ANY sports, car, change your oil, keep up with maintenance, and you'll be fine. Remember, the reason why the rotary engine won Le Mans in 1991 was because of it's reliability. It out lasted...
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    [11x05] July 20th, 2008

    is it me, or it seemed like the Stig had a bad launch of the GT-R? He probably could've shaved off .2 of a second or more! heh... The reason why is when jeremy launched it, it had a little tire squeal. When the stig launched it (for the power lap time) it just took off as if he was taking it to...
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    No 56k: Photoshoot: 2003 Saab 9-3 Vector (Santa Fe, NM)

    I don't think that's the "trendy HDR" look. HDR is INCREASING dynamic range, rather than removing it with high contrast. if anything, you mean the trendy "contrasty-look".
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    Your Camera Equipment

    yep, call me the vignetting king! To me, i like it on the landscapes... I guess it hides my poor photography :)
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    Your Camera Equipment

    sorry for double post
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    Your Camera Equipment

    Panasonic DMC-L1 with Leica Glass 14-50mm f/2.8-3.5 O.I.S. Canon XTi - Factory Kit 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Canon XTi - Factory Kit 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikon D100 - Sigma f/2.8 EX 24-70mm Canon XTi - Factory Kit 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikon D100 - Sigma F/2.8 EX 24-70mm Panasonic DMC L1K - Leica...