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  1. Bad Bowtie

    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    Four banger sounds like poop, but very nice results. Agreed with the above, Ford and Ford Racing does a great job of giving you information on how to turn the car up a few notches. Still not sold on the styling, need to see it in person.
  2. Bad Bowtie

    Spied: 2016 Ford Focus RS spotted for the first time

    I was sooo close to buying a new ST a couple of months ago, all I had to do was sign the loan papers, but I ended up backing away. This though, if I can keep the price reasonable, it's all mine. I LOVED the ST, a used 5.0 was the only thing keeping me from it for the price. lololol
  3. Bad Bowtie

    BBC under pressure to sack Jeremy Clarkson over N-word claims

    I came here today just to post that point exactly. I was watching and when it came on, I literally shouted, "NO FUCKING WAY." It shows exactly how the BBC really feels about the situation, at least in my mind. I'm sure there was a discussion, and I'm sure all branches of the BBC were in on it...
  4. Bad Bowtie

    News: Ferrari F70 - The Enzo successor [LaFerrari]

    I don't think I've ever heard an engine/exhaust sound so frantic. Car looks astounding. Time for Harris to get to it...and when Top Gear gets the trio god... (I'm still on the P1 bandwagon. I still can't see a picture of it and look away within 5 minutes.)
  5. Bad Bowtie

    560hp 4 door GT-R coming from Infinti (Q50 Eau Rouge)
  6. Bad Bowtie

    McLaren 650S

    Hopefully the bottom falls out on the 12C market, and I can pick one up... 20 years lol. Finding myself to be quite the McLaren fan. I really need to hit the lottery, like, baddd.
  7. Bad Bowtie

    Unveiled: 2014 Ford Focus facelift

    A couple of weeks ago, this was going to be my first purchase after I'm out of college next year. But, after taking my friend's Cruze diesel on a 2,000 mile roadtrip, I can say I am in love with that car. If this has a small diesel in the works, and heated seats, for around the same price, I'm...
  8. Bad Bowtie

    Spied: Lamborghini Hurac?n (Gallardo replacement)

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Just got back from TX2K14, guess it's only a matter of time before Underground Racing gets their hands on these and replace all the TT Gallardos that were running around haha
  9. Bad Bowtie

    [21x05] March 2nd, 2014

    I have anticipated an episode (segment) this much...well, ever. All hail P1 the destroyer :evil:
  10. Bad Bowtie

    [21x03] February 16th, 2014

    I was on the edge of my seat, literally, as they went by the reactor. Plenty of laughs along the way. Wish they did more of these kinds of episodes. Zenvo- I had a feeling it would go wrong. Decent review, expected a little more. News- Solid. SIARPC- Entertaining. I just give this segment a...
  11. Bad Bowtie

    Breaking in a C7 stingray the right way!

    Derp on my part :lol: The rear just didn't work for me, wasn't sure about then interior... ...until I saw the car in person. It. is. gorgeous. The rear looks amazing, interior is great, and before anyone can ask, yes the seats are great too! ...except it's called "Lime Rock Green" - - -...
  12. Bad Bowtie

    Breaking in a C7 stingray the right way!

    Had a blast today. Got a couple races in, as well as my friend got some great shots in the photo shoot today (C7, 2014 GT500, and a '13 ZL1). All I can say is I LOVE THESE CARS. Everyone's gripe, the interior...solved. Power is great, ride is great, and the burnouts are even better!:lol:
  13. Bad Bowtie

    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    Hush you! No one is supposed to know that!
  14. Bad Bowtie

    Is this it? 2015 6th gen Mustang

    Sweet Fusion...I mean Taurus...I mean Mustang?
  15. Bad Bowtie

    1,216 RWHP on 93 octane (blows my camera away in the process)

    I guess it's safe to assume you missed the "spinning pretty much the entire way down the track" the preceded what you quoted? :P "Shakedown" passes were the key words. Check out the video, watch how miserable traction is (our track is TERRIBLE at prepping, it's called "skateway"). He's been 9s...
  16. Bad Bowtie

    1,216 RWHP on 93 octane (blows my camera away in the process)

    For starters, he doesn't run those tires on the street when he's racing. He has a set of Bogarts with some stickier tires. It's still a handful. Probably not. It's not very low compression. His old 441ci N/A motor made something north of 650whp. This is is the upper 500s. Blower also has...
  17. Bad Bowtie

    1,216 RWHP on 93 octane (blows my camera away in the process)

    Friend of mine, and local LSX guru, got his car on the dyno the other night. Still climbing hard, probably would've been 1250-1300 but he didn't want to push it any higher without his laptop to log it. Normally revs it out to ~7500. Build thread: My 444 CI F1x build Quick rundown: -444ci...
  18. Bad Bowtie

    Autoblog: Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

    I'd say I see just as many Cadillacs rolling around here as I do BMWs, definitely more than Audi/Mercedes. Caddy has been on a roll ever since the old CTS IMO. They were on life support but are now making a strong comeback. Still can't wait for the ATS-V.
  19. Bad Bowtie

    Autoblog: Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

    Now that is a Cadillac. Goddamn. Wouldn't surprise me if it was just a Gen V small block with some small displacement. Afterall, with two snails hanging off of it, it would definitely have enough grunt to putt around town.