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  1. some13

    The "New Toys" Thread

    I have owned this headset for about a year now and it has never let me down. The quality of the materials is pretty good, and the comfort is excellent. However, the sound quality for gaming is pretty poor and the "virtual" 7.1 is a complete joke, but having a wireless headset with volume...
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    Any info on what this is about?

    come on man, don't post spoilers here :(
  3. some13

    Touchpad fire sale

    got mine today! I ordered it through about a week ago for $106 with tax
  4. some13

    TG SatNav Voices

    I know the man for the job
  5. some13

    Test Drive Unlimited 2: Wanna get dirty?

    I would appreciate an invite to the group as well. ZDubz
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    Nurburgring Webcam

  7. some13

    Stupid Driver Stories

  8. some13

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    as a skiier, i really appreciate that pic, thaks alot. you too D-Fence! +rep all around!
  9. some13

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    does anyone have and good high res (wallpaper size would be great) pictures of cars in snow? Coming up on winter, and I would like to change my usual Windows 7 wallpaper slideshow of super cars, with super cars in the snow. Heres what I have:
  10. some13

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    + rep for mega post
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    Final Gear Top Tip

    not automotive but.. when on a scary roller coaster, pretend that the person next to you is the stig, and hes is taking you around the test track.
  12. some13 (torrent link provider) keeps timing out

    I do not understand how to get it from my peers, i will just wait until viper fixes it. thanks tho narf +rep
  13. some13 (torrent link provider) keeps timing out

    where do i put those?
  14. some13

    No 56k: Nurburgring 26-06-2010

    thanks for sharing! +rep
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    "Help! Police! Someone stole my cylinder bank!" OR "Mattd1zzl3's Latest runabout".

    like this? thumbs up on the car too
  16. some13

    James May: 1001 Uses for a James May

    323. Hitler
  17. some13

    James May: 1001 Uses for a James May

    319. Lead Singer in a Screamo Band