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    [19x10] July 15th, 2011

    It wasn't bad. Anyone know what episodes the chip fat one and the Sarah Beeny truck driving ones are?
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    Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Cheats on Wife with Pretty Blonde

    We all know it's crap. Let's just leave it there. As others have said Francie made him what he is today and I really can't see him throwing all that away. I'm just interested to see what Clarkson says in his next column and whether or not he sues. As for Piers Morgan he's a (Insert insult)!
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    Missing Clarkson Quote?

    I think it's from his "Inventions that changed the world" series. Not sure which one sorry.
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    [18x10] December 10th, 2010

    This is the thing. They have to keep the viewers watching and they know many want to see Stig vs Jason/Tiff. That Auto 370z really p***ed me off. Almost as if he was set up to lose from the off or maybe they didn't want that car winning for whatever reason.
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    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    2006 Skoda Fabia vRS 2008 Suzuki Swift 1.5 VVT
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    [16x01] January 23rd, 2011

    Ah thought it was. Thanks
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    [16x01] January 23rd, 2011

    36:26 I wouldn't mind knowing. Does sound familiar.
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    [16x01] January 23rd, 2011

    I voted it a 9 and it's well worth that. I was worried that Clarkson may mess up the Yeti review but he loves it and has said so in other reviews too. It's not a 10 because I'm bored of 911's
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    [16x01] January 23rd, 2011

    Pretty epic episode done well I loved it. Nice to see both records broken.
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    YOUR most reckless driving stories

    A friend of mine once did the following: Aberystwyth to Gorseinon via Aberaeron in 1.29. The route should normally take about 2 hours. This was in icy conditions and with 3 passengers 100mph+ in a 30 Maxed car out (145mph) on a private road Chased a motorbike for about a 20mile stretch of...
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    Ben Collin's book - The Man in The White Suit

    It wasn't a bad read. A little dry in parts but I expected this. Good luck to him. Just please don't do stuff like this. I cringed when I saw it.
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    [16x00] December 26th, 2010 [Middle East Special]

    You could see from a mile off that the Stig would be there. I just knew it. I said to my brother just before it happened that a Stig would be in the manger.
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    Tron: Legacy

    Saw it in 3D a few days ago and wasn't totally sold on 3D. Things were out of focus close up. The film I enjoyed and the music was brilliant. Downloaded it as soon as I got home.
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    Complaints after Top Gear Stig shooting

    Shooting at Stig cutouts IMO is harmless. Clarkson acting like a complete clot with a gun is just plain stupid. I've done a little shooting and was always told that you always handle the gun as if it's loaded and you only ever aim it at a target that you want to kill, in my case rabbits.
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    When was the last time you spotted a Lancia Thema?

    There's a Black Delta Integrale sitting under tarpaulin near me. What a waste. Been there since I was a kid. At least 10 years.
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    Uncharted 3

    I love the Unchared series. It's the only game I will go back to even now. Uncharted 2 was the 1st game I got a Platinum trophy on and the 2nd game? The 1st Uncharted. Online is fun and I play it regularly. So much fun.
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    [18x10] December 10th, 2010

    Glad the Skoda won. It truly is superb. Makes you wonder why people spend twice as much on Audi estates (RS6 excluded).
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    Some really good vids here. Nice to have them all in one place. It's amazing how stupid people can be.