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    [03x06] February 15, 2019 - Chinese Food for Thought

    Overall I liked the flamethrower drone part. But - I expected a chase but they were simply hovering, waiting and pressing the button at drive by ... pretty lame.
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    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    I was wondering about the 2017 Alpine 110 review in 2019 ...
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    [25x02] March 4th, 2018

    Again McLaren :hmm: the pathos of the presentation was ridiculous. The Big Foot part was again just a poor Clarkson/Hammond/May copy. And next week? Again a McLaren? How many charging pressure versions of the same engine in the same car do they have?
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    [25x01] February 25th, 2018

    Joey is still hosting British TG ... lol. The car compilation was crap. Mustang ... yawn, F-Type (2013) ... what about a AMG GT R?
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    [02x04] December 29, 2017

    +1 I hope no one takes the haters and trolls seriously
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    [01x09] January 06, 2016

    It looks like the haters are always eager to put their shit out, as soon as possible, to create a 'bad mood' ... For me, the best episode so far! :) 10
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    Fifth Gear is coming back!

    Fifth Gear S26E04 HDTV x264-TVCUK mp4 E02, E03 are available on
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    Fifth Gear is coming back!

    Fifth Gear S26E01 PDTV x264 TVC mp4 (Size: 405.4 MB)
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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Now over a 1/4 million ... wow!
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    Fifth Gear is coming back!
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    Fifth Gear is coming back!

    Today! How was it?