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    [15x06] August 1st, 2010

    and yet another very good episode. the old brit cars piece made its points very well while still being entertaining. well i am Australian and the Nine network pay the BBC licensing etc to air it here(SBS did before that). i would assume either BBC America does as well or is at least...
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    Clarkson sparks outrage by claiming Muslim women wear kinky G-strings

    i watched ACA earlier since they mentioned TG at the start, otherwise it would have been turned off. i must say what a joke. basically they were complaining about being identified as women. no really thats what their complaints really came down to. they were seen as women so seen as put down as...
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    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    a very good episode. loved the Veyron. Senna film too long(i have never been a fan of his).
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    [15x04] July 18th, 2010

    good episode except for the camping. they should have cut something like 5 minutes worth of unfunny/repeated stuff and it would have been much better.
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    [15x03] July 11th, 2010

    yet another great episode. anyone not enjoying this series seriously needs to take a good hard look at themselves. :)
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    [15x02] July 4th, 2010

    another good episode.
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    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    good episode and start to the series. yes the robin bit was a touch longer than it needed to be but was still interesting.
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    Graphics during LFA test in 14x07 - WTF

    probably. as with so many threads recently people are having trouble sticking to just the actual thread topic.
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    well i havent driven an i20 however about 3 months ago i did some running about in an i30(for nearly 2 weeks) and while it may not be god awful its certainly not really good either. very cheap feeling to it. i have to wonder how long it would last as well. 7 series being thrashed ? hmmm have...
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    Graphics during LFA test in 14x07 - WTF

    the "moaners" only ever post sensible and "mature" discussions dont they. i dont need to point to the thread that shows quite the opposite. no i can see posts from both sides that are very pointless and any claims that one side is not guilty is nonsense. now on to topic. i didnt mind the...
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    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    good episode. seasick steve was rather dull except when he got in the car. he was funny then.
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    Season 14 slid off track

    careful, you will be called a fanboy who cant hear anything bad about TG for suggesting that. :blink:
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    What exotic driving locations should Top Gear film at?

    exactly. did they show the whole of the Bolivia trip or just bits and pieces along the way ? not a very good reason to not do it.
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    What exotic driving locations should Top Gear film at?

    and you think there is no diversity going from Melbourne to Adelaide(Great Ocean Road) and then to Darwin(via Coober Pedy and Alice Spring etc) ? do you know the conditions of each of those steps and the differences between Melbourne and Darwin etc? diversity isnt a problem with that route at all.
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    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    thanks for that. now just need someone who got the xvid version to say its runtime. anyone ?
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    well the current car isnt meant to be that easy or good to drive at speed. :) but i do get what you mean. its really a fine balance. yes you want something that anyone can use and handle but on the same hand you want something that those with a bit of skill can do times that pull them away...
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    [14x07] January 3rd, 2010

    i have seen a couple of NFO's for the bia releases. saying the SD runtime is 58min 33sec while the 720p is 61min 36sec. can anyone confirm those runtimes ?
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    you are on the wrong forum if you think that is all it would take. besides its your own fault. you shouldnt have asked a question if you didnt want an answer. :) and on that bombshell...
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    What exotic driving locations should Top Gear film at?

    any particular route you are thinking of ?
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    It's Seriously Time To Get A New SIARPC Car

    of course its pointless. no sane producer is going to make his decisions based on what people on a forum say. ye he may get some ideas etc but thats about all. but welcome to the modern delusion that people on the net are movers and shakers. ;)