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    Spoilers: Tickets for the Show

    I just registered with "On Camera Audiences" and I'm on the wait list. Did it already fill up?
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    Fifth Gear's attack on Top Gear

    Yes! LINK!
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    Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D

    Re: Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D I agree. The RX-8 is great, but has its share of flaws.
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    Which bit of TG you consider the funniest ever?

    I completely agree. I think the last season was probably the overall funniest yet. I was just thinking about all the great challenges and weird things they tried to do, and there were so many times that I just started laughing. But my favorites were: -Jeremy peeing in a bottle on the train...
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    "Old Top Gear" recommendations

    I've seen Tiff do segments on the last era M3 and M5, and both of those were very solid, as well as a retrospect on the M-range, which looked like it was done in the late 90s. He is very...good. That's about all you can say. He reviews the cars well and demonstrates how the company did well...
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    Save Top Gear petition

    Top Gear...FOREVER!!!
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    Why do you guys like TG so much?

    I agree. I first downloaded clips of the show off Kazaa, or some program like that, years ago and I was just amazed: The production values (camera work, music, editing), the wit of the presenters and their love of cars. In the US, car shows suck. The people spout numbers and specs and the you...
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    Top Gear's Future

    I too am from America, and hope that our voices matter. Common sense should dictate that anyone on this board is worried about Richard, but also what we in the US call "free speech". It basically means that you can do and say what you wish as long as it doesn't hurt people or cause people to be...