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    What kind a cars do the presenters own?

    oliver has his own thread ffs I don't think clarkson will buy the black seeing as he already has some mercedesclkamg63somethingorother
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    What kind a cars do the presenters own?

    -no- okay I'm reading may on motors and he went through a huge list of things he has or had...apparently
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    What kind a cars do the presenters own?

    James' bentley T2, his first tg segment ever
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    Which Top Gear moment caused YOUR worst trouser accident?

    the whole caravan episode when richard's pickup truck pulled up MAN LOVE RULES OK then it cuts to the front of his truck DOGEY I don't remember which episode but richard drove a three wheeled motorbike but it was covered like a car. it was swedish james' theme song from engine noises (what's...
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    Top Gear USA on NBC official! Eric Stromer is third host

    we know for sure eric will win every 'build a car' challenge. but still, I don't think he's into cars and therefore not fit? maybe they'll boot him after the end of the first series, a la jason dawe hahah I know jezza and richard and james weren't into cars either but tgusa has to continue...
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    New Presenter

    there's already three of those
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    James May: 1001 Uses for a James May

    this could be improved:
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    Hammond: 1001 Uses For A Richard Hammond

    108. testing hamster wheels
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    Hamster Wants Double Pay

    well, clarkson may and hammond are PRICELESS as far as I'm concerned
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    So who do you think should be the third presenter? Place your bets.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted to be the third presenter YOU DO TOO, I KNOW IT
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    Def Leppard member appearing on Top Gear!!!

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    Top Gear Lingo Americanized

    septic - american
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    Anyone know why James is in San Francisco?

    lol I'm in sf right now
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    What's your NEXT car?

    I hatehatehatehate toyotas. they have no style, no personality and they aren't particularly fast or any other redeeming features but I have a friend who calls me toyota (or 'toy' more like) and I thought why not
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    Concern for James May

    aw but he was grinning when he said it
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    Top Gear Lingo Americanized

    Americanised. hahah sorry
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    Hammond: Richard Hammond is new face of Formula 1

    For a safe bet, by comparison, stick a tenner on Jenson Button fronting the BBC's F1 coverage next year. At 80/1 it's a shoe-in - sure, you'll have to wait until next year to pick up your cash, but Jenson does love the camera. from the top gear blog I....was looking forward to watching ickle...
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    Some ideas for series 11

    tried this already, he ended up in a hospital haha
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    Top Gear Back In The Summer

    you know, Jeremy can't make 'americans are fat' jokes when Jason's on the team...