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    2009 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Pass: bindip
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    2009 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

    Any live streams please !
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    Official Discussion Thread of the 2009 Formula 1 Season
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    Massive Israeili strike on Gaza

    How many israelis died or got injured ? is the damage or death toll comparable ? If the situation was somehow miraculously reversed and those images where from israel how would the world and the USofA have reacted ? If you saw your whole family impaled and blasted to the road how would you feel ?
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    Massive Israeili strike on Gaza

    Nothing can ever justify hitting innocent civilians or even groups of men holding flimsy old rifles with sodium/potassium/depleted uranium or what ever the hell it is shells that israel is using. Not even those tin can rockets that barely scrape the road when they hit it. Those rockets though...
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    Network Software

    Hello, I have a small network running a few computers and I am looking for a good network administrating software that would cap a certain LAN's bandwidth or control certain applications priority. Can any one help? Also how do I set these fields on my router to give priority to one LAN over...
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    Conspiracy Thread.

    Those billions are all part of the camp david peace treaty with israel , which has played a major role in limiting all the Arab-Israeli conflicts for the past 30 years. And that gave israel time to breathe ( except for minor scruffs in lebanon). That doesn't mean the US likes us or is on our...
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    Fuel prices in your country

    In Egypt we have subsidized prices to protect us from the cruel world of free markets :D $0.33/Liter 92 octane $0.45/Liter 95 octane
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    Conspiracy Thread.

    I don't really think that some fishermen can go out into the middle of the sea and capture huge shipping boats without any prior training or arming, plus where were these pirates before ? did they just discover pirating this past year . It's all part of the plan !
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    Conspiracy Thread.

    Here is one going around downtown cafes in Cairo, the US and Israel are backing all the pirate operations going on around the Somali coast to increase there military presence in the red sea and around the gulf, and to weaken Egypt's economy ( by having ships avoiding the suez canal ). With Egypt...
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    2010 Mazda3 revealed

    That front does look ridiculous and the plastic make it look worse but I am sure it would be good to drive.
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    hello chaps new member from Egypt here , think I am the first one. Anyway great forum been a fan of top gear for years.