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    [06x02] May 29th, 2005

    Someone may already have identified this one, but when James is driving along the cobblestones and getting soaked, the music is: 21:51-22:09 - Theme from "The Sweeney" Which fits well with Richard's drive being set against the "Mission: Impossible" theme and Jeremy's drive being set against a...
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    [09x01] January 28th, 2007

    I think they must have two Cheap Car Challenges this season, as I remember reading somewhere that James bought an old Alfa for one of the challenges and it ended up being sawn in half (so, that'll be what Jeremy setting the roof lining on fire and then driving only the front half of his car is...
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    Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D

    Regarding supercars, I thought that under the original plans for James May to be driving the Vampire, the Hamster was supposed to be driving a Veyron, but they ended up having to swap. So if nothing else, that presumably means there will be footage of someone, probably James, driving a Veyron...
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    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Hurry back Hamster - "Top Gear" needs its driving god back behind the wheels of eighty quid Rovers, bright orange Zondas, old fake Ferraris, pink Nissan Micras, overweight Dampervans, and tiny Suzuki vans! (But please, no more jet-powered cars.) All the best for a swift and full recovery...