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    What has happened to TGA

    Putting on the Ashes special followed by a gap of weeks then three episode followed by a gap of weeks seems like the perfect idea, if they are wanting to guarantee a show will rate poorly, the real deathblow would be if it does return it's moved to a later time slot, that is TV code for we are...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    As someone of advanced age (47) I still remember the way they stuffed around with Star Trek 35 or so years ago late nights after rubbish like pot black. Many good shows since have been treated the same heck, I also liked the original CSI but this new trend of constant repeats sickened me of it...
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    What has happened to TGA

    It seems to have disappeared after just 3 episodes and the ashes special, no new ep for two weeks and according to my tivo nothing next week either. Before posting this I looked at the TGA website no mention of further episodes. Nine had a recent UK ep instead.