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    [01x04] October 20th, 2008

    lawn bawls lawn bawls whats the song that is played during lawn bawls around 46:25? Sounds almost like zz top
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    [14x04] September 1st, 2008

    whats the song from 33:48-34:10? This is the third time I've heard it on FG but still haven't figured it out.
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    [12x01] September 3rd, 2007

    whast the song from 42:35-43:20?
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    [10x13] December 18th, 2006

    Whats the song thats played during the Fifth Gear car of the year presentation (40:40-41:20)? Its classical sounding with violins in the background. I think I heard it in last years finale as well.
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    FG - [08x10] - December 12th, 2005

    awards song awards song Anyone know the song thats playing when Tom presents the best family car award?