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    [24x07] April 23rd, 2017 - SsangYacht

    first one i watched, was pretty terrible
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    [01x06] December 23, 2016

    Was a few lol moments, another dig at top gear with the senotaph joke, the mexican hats on the conversation street intro. Even the PENIS jumpers
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    it might be a different one, but on the battleships segment there is a G-Wiz on the crane with pyrotechnics taped to the bonnet then suddenly a shot of it hoisted where the pyrotechnics arent there anymore, then suddenly they are back again in the next shot....
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    [01x01] November 18th, 2016

    Have to say first watch was on my computer, when i watched again on tv FK those cameras are good. This is effectively a tv series with big screen movie quality cameras now. Anyway, felt much like top gear without the name... and thats a good thing.. clock is ticking down to midnight again :D...
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    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    Or some hard wanking action
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    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    I think that page was just put up by some moron to get web traffic. But yes it was just the clips with Ben Collins in CHM live
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    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    I bet it was bastard hot in there though !!! :D
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    Drive Tribe - CHM to launch a FinalGear/ Pistonheads clone?

    Its hardly a clone of finalgear is it, it is obviously a more advanced social network for car nuts and no doubt a major promotional tool for the series.
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    The show can still be saved

    Why bother there is a better alternative just around the corner..... The only reason the BBC wants to keep flogging this dead horse is they are reliant on amount of cash it used to bring in with CHM at the helm... not gonna happen now though - - - Updated - - - Maybe its a trick and the Stig...
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    [23x06] July 3rd, 2016 -- Evans final episode

    was crap final episode though... and fifth gear did that jump off thing already.. .There has been nothing original in this series at all..
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    Chris Evans quits the show

    QUIT OR JUMPED BEFORE HE WAS PUSHED???? :) :) :) :) :) #chrisevansdoesaroyhodgson - - - Updated - - - Unlikely it still aint gonna be great, fifth gear level maybe but no more and soon GT will start anyway
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    [23x06] July 3rd, 2016 -- Evans final episode

    We can only hope... TG will only be on for 1 more series anyway before its axed. GT is coming soon - - - Updated - - - I saw a picture of the ginger one at some charity thing (I think golf tournament?) guess what he was wearing... yellow t shirt, grey jumper... either he has 20 sets of the...
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    [23x05] June 26th, 2016

    I get the feeling a minority are still trying to look on the bright side and find things to like, but most of us can see this is a total potato by now. :D In fact most of the things they have done so far, CHM already got there first a while back. They need so real originality but I doubt the...
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    [23x05] June 26th, 2016

    Rory is a londoner Anyway these guys are solidly in Fifth Gear territory now... honestly this is pretty crap. CHM better hurry up and get something out
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    BRexit : Shall UK stay in EU or go now?

    Ironic isn't it that the actions of 52% of our populated have probably ruined the lives of the other 48% - predominantly racists,the anti establishment, old people and the uneducated vote to leave, and some are already regretting that decision now the reality is hitting home today...
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    who said anything about drifting...?
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    yes i have, he is just bland.. and yes he is a clarkson wannabe thats where he 'borrowed' his review style from. Except in a bland way ...
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    New Top Gear is on BBC2, I think you were watching Dave ??
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    [23x04] June 19th, 2016

    Bland Gear, very reminiscent of fifth gear this one... still crap. Had it on in the background,wasnt very good at all... I like the fact that Chris Evans referred to Eddie Jordan as "the most annoying man in the world". No Chris he is the second most annoying man in the world.... after you u...
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    [23x03] June 12th, 2016

    Bland Gear, just what the BBC wanted