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    Ferdinand Piech leaves VW supervisory board

    Oh yeah, the resident forum troll is at it again. Please continue providing cherry-picked examples! I can do it too, just look at this, last page: Customer Service Index Ranking Mass Market Brands| 2015 by J.D. Power and Associates "The study measures customer satisfaction with service at a...
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    Unveiled: 2015 VW Touran

    And it was only sold in and "developed" for the NA market, where big and cheap is all the rage.
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    Nissan, Chrysler Minivans crumble in IIHS Small-Overlap Test

    Well, I don't think one out of seven warrants a "they". "The BMW 5 series received a ?marginal? rating in the small-overlap test while the Lincoln MKS received a ?poor? rating, making the MKS the only model of seven tested in IIHS? ?large luxury sedan? category to receive the safety group?s...
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    Fiat Chrysler to spin off Ferrari

    Read the links. They will offer 10% of Ferrari as shares, 90% will stay in the hands of Fiat-Chrysler. They will get money, that's it.
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    Different vehicles with the same name

    I am pretty sure that the Ford Capris also count. They are pretty different. Ford Consul Capri (GB): Ford Capri (EU): Mercury Capri (US): Mercury Capri (US, based on Mustang): Ford Capri (AUS, also imported to US):
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    Lamborghini Asterion hybrid coupe concept

    Absolutely beautiful. Lambo already showed with the Huracan that they part ways with the designed-by-hacksaw design of before. This thing has class. Yeah, the bros and teenagers are disappointed, but a grown man can have a poster of the Asterion on his wall without being laughed at. Looks even...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Here are some reasons why car X or Y was not in the test. BTW, I was quite disappointed by their choice of the "Driver's car of the year", but oh well, it's also a matter of taste.
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    Unveiled: 2014 Ford S-Max II

    Yeah, looks like a typo in the headline. It's 2015 in the headline in every other article. That said, the S-Max is such an unremarkable car in terms of design, I don't even know what's different.
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    New Mercedes C-Class interior is so sexy! (And I'm a BMW guy..)

    Aah. I absolutely love reliability studies. There are so many in the Internet that everybody can find one that fits their narrative. And you even picked one without a source of the data! Jackpot. From, source is the 2014 JD Power/What Car survey on vehicle ownership: 10 most...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I had a chuckle at this sign. "Keep your distance to the car in front".
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    This is caused by stupidity, hence the thread where it was posted. If you jack your car on the sideskirts or on the bodywork and not on the designated points which are part of the structual frame, this happens.
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    All your cars are belong to us

    "A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces" - a paper which was presented at this year's Black Hat security conference in las Vegas. Pretty interesting, but of course, they only surveyed a limited number of car models. Condensed findings (page 88): Most Hackable: 1. 2014 Jeep Cherokee 2...
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    Awesome Thread

    You are correct, I apologize for the misleading picture. The billard ball topic is extensively discussed here: tl;dr: "If you measure between the north and south poles, the Earth?s diameter is...
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    Awesome Thread

    Are you sure about that?
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    Mad funny Hilter finds out video

    The video is bad, the title is bad and you should feel very bad.
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    another Enzo crashed by an mechanic

    Congratulations, you spotted the joke.
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    2014 JDM Xheos X-Trem

    This is not a car. It's a vehicle you can drive without a car driver's license in many countries. It doesn't even have 10hp and only a 17l petrol tank. It's more like a big motorized scooter for the elderly or the disabled. Don't know why (allegedly) grown-ups are making fun of it.
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    Volkswagen Quality standard reaches Porsche, Macan recalled

    Exactly. This is a prime example of a trollish thread title. If recalls were an indicator of quality for whole companies, there wouldn't be any left with a decent quality image.
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    Gun politics thread

    Seems to be fake.