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    Alfa Romeo Brera

    low power varients are FWD high power are 4WD but not the VW Group style 4wd which is mainly Fwd most of the time due to the Haldex units but a rear drive bias Torsen drivetrain. the 400bhp 3.2 Twin Tuebio should be a laugh :cool: could be my next motor, though I woul probably opt for the 3.0 V6...
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    New TV card :P

    Oh and don't set the PC clock from the tv card, the number of times ITV or BBC have screwed up the date info for their mux and I have missed a recording doesn't bear thinking about :mad:
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    New TV card :P

    Yep, the Nebula card is superb, as is their software, it what I have setup, beats that Hauppaugge and similar stuff hands down, just make sure to raise the video engine priority to high to stop other programs zapping CPU power and giving you jerky recording/playback. If you use the front end...
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    Fiat Croma.

    nothing wrong with Fiat/Alfa certainly not unreliable, my past few cars have been Fiats, little Fiat Punto, Fiat Coupe 20VT LE, Alfa 147GTA and now an Alfa GT and while they may not have been the best cars dynamically they have all had many endearing qualities about them which invoke a strong...
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    TV Capture Card...

    I'd recommend this one from these guys, its a Digital Terrestrial card (freeview) so its only drawback is the require ment of a good antenna/
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    Wireless Networking

    doing it at the moment get yourself a broadband router and your almost there. are you cable or ADSL? if you have a router you can hardwire your main PC and just use wireless for the laptop, why introsduce extra lag of wirless on your desktop.
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    December 12th, 2004

    Thats the cost of compression, the original source file for top gear is around 1.7-1.9Gb of Mpeg2 at 1024x576 and a bit rate of around 6.5Mb a second so you are losing quite a bit of info when reducing the size down to 350Mb even with Mpeg4 compression.
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    December 6th, 2004

    Yup, sorry about that not sure what happened there, typically I never have a problem, I suspect my partner was playing with the DVR software and stopped the player but as it was on timer it resumes right away, lucky for her :P
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    New TV CARD! It better work...

    didn't catch this earlier, I did a couple of rips for the site in the past when VUK missed stuff I used the Nebula DigiTV PCI and encoded to divx using DVX this made the conversion from mpeg2 DVB stream all push button, I didn't even need to know what it was doing LOL, might be of help. Cheers
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    New video card?

    BFV has a few issues get the latest patches and it gets a bit better though its still not perfect and my mate with a x800pro still see the slowdowns, its poor programming. Running on a Ti4200 128Mb myself but best bang per buck is probably 9800pro
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    May 31st, 2004

    Nah, its the VX for me every time, if I wasn't so large I'd be in a VXT now instead of a 147GTA :roll:
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    May 31st, 2004

    its just finished uploading just needs to be released now.
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    May 31st, 2004

    OK no probs
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    May 10th, 2004

    Richh, fair play to you, I like to think I could do something like that, the difference between me and you is I dream about it, you've gone and done it, I wish you all the best, it would be great to see a videogamer jump in there and score some huge sucesses, I'll be cheering you on mate :cool:
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    May 31st, 2004

    Yep, I can sort it out, will same sort of thing as before do you?
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    Latest two Fifth Gears stuttering?

    Whoops, LOL, this is probably my fault I did these and I don't have divx encoder only xvid on my machine, there are so many different variants of xvid even though you think you have it installed you may have the wrong one, I think Viper has pointed to the right one though. You may have to...
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    May 10th, 2004

    They uploaded last night so its down to you Cheers
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    What's your car?

    Yep its a bit normal looking compared to other cars I have owned and I have actually been looking for replacements, but not really found a lot that can match it which is quite suprising as its FWD and you would think there would be loads out there new that can offer an inspiring/involving drive...
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    Car in Kill Bill Vol. 2

    obviously not for everybody but having seen it in real life it has some presence.
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    What's your car?

    If my sig didn't give it away, I have a little hot hatch :cool: la mia macchina