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    Our reviews of Ben Collins' book

    Im off out to buy it tomorrow before work. At ?5, i think its worth it :)
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    The Stig: Who is buying the book then?

    If anyone wants it cheap, its currently ?10 at WHSmiths when its released on thursday. Print off the top voucher in this link and use it to purchase the book for ?5 all in. I think for ?5, its a worthy read :) Ive...
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    The Stig: Who is buying the book then?

    I for one, will be :) I think it will be interesting to get an insight into what its like behind the scenes from the eyes of The Stig. I know the TG team are upset at what Collins has done, but if todays papers are anything to go by (and yes i do take what they say with a big pinch of salt!)...
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    New Bugatti Veyron Race

    Went there today. Didnt know till 12 midday! I missed the first and second runs of the veyron, but got there for the third run of Veyron Vs Plane: 220 miles in total + 110 pics, Those are the best really. Would of made it for the second run had it not been for wagons and tractors...
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    James May's book

    ?5.99 delivered on btw guys :) just pre-ordered
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    [07x03] November 27th, 2005

    i downloaded the M83 - Moonchild song, and its wrong too :(
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    What do you think of Jason Plato ?

    plato is a VERY good british touring car driver currently driving for seat. he knows his stuff and i think hes cool :)
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    Already here again!! 5th Gear new series starts...

    isnt the S2000 on this mondays 5th gear too? :D
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    December 5th, 2004

    it started about an hour and a half ago in the UK. dunno what that is in your time but thats the time it always airs here :)
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    December 5th, 2004

    that goes down in my book as the best and funniest top gear EVER! hell i was crying with laughter. Just goes to show you dont need supercars in every episode for it to me good :)
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    [05x04] November 14th, 2004

    and whats the song where the stig is taking the aston round the lap, "i am the one and only" im not sure if ive missed it in this huge thread so i'll go back and have a look later, gotta head out now but i thought id ask anyway.
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    Next Honda Civic

    congrats to honda, they managed to turn the current nice looking honda civic, into one hell of an ugly mofo :(
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    November 14th, 2004

    ive not read the whole thread, but on the issue of his driving, i bet he can drive better than anyone here. now...anyone know what song was played when the stig was taking the aston round the lap? Thanks :)
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    Chat Room [IRC Channel]

    is this channel still going or what? :p it was empty when i just joined :(
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    stig sucks?

    god, retarded or what, i think most are probably jealous that they cant drive as well as the stig. saying that a professional racing driver, cant drive is well, silly :D and at least the brits can make something that goes round corners, unlike the americans (DB9 anyone? :D)
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    welcome new guys :D
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    ah sorry, im going on the UK airing :D post edited :o
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    good episode again as usual. the news was pretty boring :? but the shootout with the new vs old rocked :D edited for the US people who havent seen it yet :o sorry.
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    We broke 2000 users and 25000 posts o_O

    cool, nice going guys :)