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  1. Dsemaj

    [01x02] November 25th, 2016

    That probably would've saved it for it me. It was still decent, even funny, but adding some car comparison stuff there would've been better.
  2. Dsemaj

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    This makes the most sense to me. This show seems to kick up to an incredibly annoying tone, and just stay there for about an hour. Top CVT it is!
  3. Dsemaj

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    Chris Evans, tone it down ffs. I would say it's just nerves, but after seeing a bit of TFI Friday, I think this is just his presenting style. It's annoying and cringe worthy. Viper ACR/Corvette Z06 segment was alright, but too much of a focus on the boring challenge we've seen a few times...
  4. Dsemaj

    Spoilers: Season 1 spoilers

    I'd put my money on this being "we had an argument with the producers about how great Maseratis used to be, so they gave us 10,000 pounds... of our own money... to prove them wrong!" Hopefully they resist the need to script in cars exploding, dumpsters falling ontop of them, etc, etc... That...
  5. Dsemaj

    Range Rover Evoque CONVERTIBLE!

    I went to University with someone who bought one of these, by choice, with real money. "It's so practical!" - Errr, it only has two seats and a small boot instead of being a wagon... "Yeah but it's an offroader" - Sure, Suzuki make good offroaders... but you can barely drive in a straight...
  6. Dsemaj

    Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

    I love this Taraus ad, it's just so god damn passionate! You don't get ads like this anymore. TAUUUURRUS!!!! FOR US!
  7. Dsemaj

    Your computer history!

    Pentium 1 100Mhz Dell All in One PC - I remember this having a Penitum III, having a LCD screen built onto the chassis. Bought around 2000. IBM Desktop - This was an insurance replacement after the Dell was stolen, Pentium 4 iirc. Dell Inspiron laptop - Hyper Threading Pentium 4, was permanently...
  8. Dsemaj

    [22x08] June 28th, 2015 [The Final Clarkson, Hammond, & May Episode]

    I just realised that! Hahaha. They had to address the... giant elephant in the room somehow. Classic car challenge - good fun, good mix of old-school challenges (reminds me a lot of the Supercars-for-less-than-a-second-hand-Mondeo-challenge) and you couldn't pay me enough to do Hammond's...
  9. Dsemaj

    [Rumor] It's on ITV??

    This article is a bunch on nonsense. "Clarkson and co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May were said to have ?jumped at the chance? to blow the ginger star?s revamped version of their old show out of the water." You heard it here first, despite all being friends, the TG3 are going to...
  10. Dsemaj

    Lets help get Jeremy, Richard and James hired at Netflix!

    $49 for a Google Chromecast is hardly expensive. Then you just need a smartphone to control it. My biggest worry about the TG3 continuing somewhere else would keeping the production values, with the right music and everything else. Somewhere like Netflix might be ideal as I'm sure they could...
  11. Dsemaj

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Yeah, I remember that one - I can't say I like what they did with the stripe on that either. From memory, they fitted a ridiculous cannon exhaust to it as well...
  12. Dsemaj

    Unveiled: 2014 Skoda Fabia III

    Alright VW, we get it, modular this, parts saving and all that, but can you spend five minutes and design another set of fucking door handles?
  13. Dsemaj

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I'm not one to usually do this, but I talked my father into buying a 2008 Jaguar XF SV8 (4.2L Supercharged!). Even on 20 inch wheels, it rides pretty well - I guess the CATS suspension is to thank for that. But man, nothing beats the subtle whine of a supercharger in a leather lined luxury car...
  14. Dsemaj

    Why driving in the US is better than at home (Australia)

    Unless I'm confusing a "turn left at anyone with care:, we can do this in Adelaide. Then again, these are dedicated slip lanes and not simply turning at a standard intersection - which would be handy with no traffic around...
  15. Dsemaj

    2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (4GC) might be a better 3 Series sedan

    So... It's the coupe version of the sedan, which is actually a sedan, but it's actually a hatchback like the hatchback version, but it's not the hatchback version, it's a "gran coupe". Did I get it right? I guess I would be less angry if the 3 GT didn't exist. Emphasis on less, though...
  16. Dsemaj

    Unveiled: 2014 Chrysler 200c / Lancia Lybra

    "The Old Sebring/200 is the ugliest car ever" "The new 200 is so bland and derivative!" So fickle Finalgear.
  17. Dsemaj

    Ownership Verified: Murcie_LP640's GC8.

    Very nice indeed! I recently got a christian owned '03 GDB WRX this year, loving it so far :D
  18. Dsemaj

    Ownership Verified: My 2007 Alfa Romeo 159 3.2 JTS Q4

    It sounds better but still way to high. Fingers crossed it improves! My old E39 530i Sport got around 13L/100km when I was caining it around town! ...even my WRX manages around 12L/100km with aggressive driving around town. ...even my father's old 5.7L V2 Monaro automatic got 14.6L/100km. I'm...
  19. Dsemaj

    News: Holden to pull out of Australia from 2016, according to senior Government ministers

    Agreed. Let me know where you can buy a full sized car that can fit 5 people, that has a touch screen (with optional GPS), can park it self, forward collision warning, 5 star safety rating, achieves under 10L/100km economy (ratings, I know, but...) for under $40k. That's not forgetting the other...
  20. Dsemaj

    News: Holden to pull out of Australia from 2016, according to senior Government ministers

    Shame on the ABC for even reporting this mass speculation. Over the years, the media certainly hasn't done Ford, Holden and Toyota any favors. I get the feeling that this was put out by the Liberal ministers so if/when Holden announce they're not going to continue after 2016, they can just go...