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  1. Komeuppance

    From Alex's Family - Donations

    Link for those who didn't see it: -Robert
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    Cancer Sucks

    You're welcome. He told us the story of the E-class loaded up with friends and winter tires many times, always with a smile on his face. Those memories were very special to him. Related note, when he was pointing himself out in the crowd while at the Top Gear set (picture in the video), I...
  3. Komeuppance

    Cancer Sucks

    I was fortunate enough to call Alex a personal friend. He will always be one of the greatest persons I've ever known... this world did not deserve someone like him. Reading through your many comments and appreciation speaks volumes about his character. Going through the years of pictures we...
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    Ownership Verified: Viper's 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (A 17+ Year Dream Come True!)

    Does this picture show up... -Robert
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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Maybe you guys shouldn't have been giving poor reviews of the episodes... haha. Alex, I know how time consuming maintaining website content is, 10 years is a more than excellent run, and a lifetime by today's internet standards. Time to hop in your Viper and drive off into the sunset. -Robert
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    A Forum to Discuss the State of the Forum in the "Forums" Sub-Forum

    I thought otherwise, but I could be wrong(and I'd be ok with it, LOL). Check this out: -Robert
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    A Forum to Discuss the State of the Forum in the "Forums" Sub-Forum

    Haha, the "best car in the world" is sarcasm. Also it's a quote from JC himself so I thought it would be obvious to the members. And I've not said anything about "street racing". -Robert
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    A Forum to Discuss the State of the Forum in the "Forums" Sub-Forum

    A quick summary of the forum: if you don't agree with the masses, that makes you a troll. It's very likely some members have social disorders and are asses in general. Ha - standard internet operation: free reign to be an ass. -Robert
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    Tom Ford posts Top Gear USA spoiler

    Ha: Tom Ford. LOL... that is just awesome. Can't wait for that episode. So who's is who's?? Is that a VW Rabbit in the middle?? -Robert
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    A Forum to Discuss the State of the Forum in the "Forums" Sub-Forum

    I am really against "memes" and find them annoying, just like I find most bandwagoners annoying. I come here to read about cars, all aspects of them. I don't post often, but I do read a lot of threads. My take is that people on here take things much too seriously and will argue to death about...
  11. Komeuppance

    Good Mechanic Work Gloves

    Haha, once you get grease or oil on those, be prepared to get that grease/oil on your hands every time you put them on. They're still a bit thick for me, I like more feel. Maybe you can get ribbed, for your car's pleasure. -Robert
  12. Komeuppance

    Good Mechanic Work Gloves

    I use a variety of gloves depending on the job and the conditions. Mostly standard hospital latex gloves, cuz we get boxes and boxes of them free. Yeah, they're sweaty, but it's not bad if the gloves fit tight. Sure beats greasy hands... I hate grease under my nails that's hard to clean. The...
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    The Transporter.... TV series?

    As long as there are no barrel rolls towards a crane hook, to knock off a bomb underneath the car, I'll watch it. -Robert
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    Plan Viper Part 2: Wait longer or pull the trigger?

    Get it now... it's clear you want it and won't be satisfied until you have one. -Robert
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    Need legal advice after accident

    I would argue that you had the right of way, I know it's otherwise in a black/white world, but it may save you. I'm sure if he had been driving slow enough there would not have been a collision. You could state he was driving recklessly by pulling out into a center lane to illegally pass, as...
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    A Gps to clock 0-60 ?

    I have aDyno on Android, demo is free. There's also Dynomaster, but I haven't tried that since you have to pay for it. They work by sensing gforces using the phone's accelerometer to begin the timer. After that there is plenty of time and distance to give the GPS something to track and send...
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    Top Gear Live... Final Gear CORNER???

    Online poll rigging... I mean voting... at it's finest. -Robert
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    Top Gear Live... Final Gear CORNER???

    Voted. -Robert