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  1. ahpadt

    Last movie you saw?

    The new matrix movie was unfortunately kinda poop'y.
  2. ahpadt

    Forza Horizon 5

    You guys wanna make an FG club?
  3. ahpadt

    [04x03] July 30th, 2021 - Lochdown

    Old school vibes. I liked it. Just what I needed.
  4. ahpadt

    Clarkson's Farm

  5. ahpadt


    Should be good. If it's a good laugh I'm happy.
  6. ahpadt

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Rammed train from Bristol. Lots of people came on. A guy sat with the bag on the seat next to him and when someone put his bag down from the seat onto the floor to be able to sit there, he made a big point about how that was "rude". The couple were clearly European as they basically 404'd at...
  7. ahpadt

    Clarkson's Farm

    Gerald tho... ?
  8. ahpadt

    Clarkson's Farm

    I don't think I've seen any negative feedback on it yet so I have my fingers crossed he'll work on both moving forward.
  9. ahpadt

    Clarkson's Farm

    I just finished it and thought it was as great as his oldschool documentaries, except with 8 times the content. Learnt new things and got some genuine laugh out loud moments while doing so. Highly recommended. Please make more, Jeremy...
  10. ahpadt

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Got my first jab yesterday, but the 2nd is not due until 9/8, so I really dont the boomer politicians make it possible to travel this summer even if you've just had one...
  11. ahpadt

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    The FHI mgmt (yes, you curly woman) should go to prison for intentionally slowing down the return to normality by taking vaccines away. These fucking boomers have ruined enough of our lives already.
  12. ahpadt

    Audi e-tron GT - 2021

    The rear visibility is indeed pretty meager in this. It's less money than the Taycan but I would save up for that instead. The GT I tried had way too much shiny black plastic which looked cheap considering how expensive the car is. The Taycan I tried was faultless in comparison. The acceleration...
  13. ahpadt

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    From what I've read you can't really pick up anything from packaging etc like that.
  14. ahpadt

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    The UK has given so many AZ jabs at this point that I struggle with that idea that it's suddenly insta blood clot (or other side effect typically listed in the 1 in 100k/1M section of the medicine documentation you never read) if you take it.
  15. ahpadt

    Volkswagen ID.4 - electric SUV

    I saw one of these on the road here in Norway today. Looks better in the flesh. Decent proportions for a SUV. Shame about the jail spec interior.
  16. ahpadt

    Post Your Watches

    The Reverso is gorgeous.
  17. ahpadt

    News: Porsche Taycan (aka: former Mission E)

    I hate the ride height but damn that green is so fucking sexy.
  18. ahpadt

    Anthony Bourdain

    I agree Ugly Delicious is the closest substitute. Big fan. Somehow the thanksgiving episode always hits me.
  19. ahpadt

    Anthony Bourdain

    I can just about watch some of his episodes by now. Still struggle with it. Nothing has filled his void tho. Bon Appetit helped a bit for me but that kicket the bucket so there's very little that even gets remotely close to the intense quality of what ZpZ and AB produced. While no child should...