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  1. db2450

    New ""Top Gear"" clip leaked :lol:

    Don't be posting them spoilers here ;) :P
  2. db2450

    James's TG Christmas Message

    NO! One more month :(
  3. db2450

    Top Gear on 60 Minutes

    I'm fairly convinced that this has not been posted yet, but its on Youtube as well: (Its in 720p as well) .
  4. db2450

    What media player should I get?

    My current phone has relatively decent sound quality (for a free phone), but it wants proprietary headphones (stupid Samsung) and the jack for the charger is the same as the headphone jack, so its become loose with charging.
  5. db2450

    What media player should I get?

    The Cowon was actually my first choice before the Zune, but as I don't have a smart phone, I wanted to have WiFi for when I'm on college campuses (I have a desktop, not a laptop). And even though I will probably get a smart phone anyway (next year most likely) I just found a Zune for $206...
  6. db2450

    What media player should I get?

    I have a thing against iPods just from past experiences - I know most people don't have much trouble, but I would like to avoid them. And the ZuneHD and I am going to take a look at, thanks prizrak. Asfor the Sansa, I'm kind of wanting something that can play...
  7. db2450

    What media player should I get?

    I know there are other threads, but they are starting to get outdated. Most importantly, I would like to keep the price near or below $250. So far, I have been looking at the 32GB ZuneHD, but I was hoping to have a larger variety of choices and I know that there are a decent number of...
  8. db2450

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    The guy who made it also has one making fun of people that are obsessed with the HTC Evo: Not as funny, but not horrible either. He better sue and win if its because he simply made them.
  9. db2450

    ZoinkIt and Torrage links fubar Opera.

    There is something wrong with your settings for the preferred program to open .torrent files in. Go into opera settings and change it - it might actually be under "about:opera" because it has a torrent client integrated into the browser.
  10. db2450

    Trying to convert this video file

    Try AviDemux. It is really simple to use and outputs a pretty decent video quality. If it doesn't work try SUPER. It has some issues, but is supposed to be compatible with anything. The download link is virtually impossible to find on their site unless you know where to look, so here it is -...
  11. db2450

    Problems Uploading Files

    So, this problem started/I noticed it after the first Top Gear of this series. On the hosting sites I used to use, I get the same/very similar errors while uploading files. First off, I normally get about 11.5Mbps down and 1.3Mbps up on (I can post an image later - right now, I am...
  12. db2450

    Top Gear S13 cutting out at 15 minutes

    Uninstall all your codecs, even the ones that work. Then reinstall just DivX or CCCP, to many conflicting codecs might be causing the crashes. I ended up reformatting earlier then I usually do because of codec issues, sometimes they just get so annoying :P
  13. db2450

    Top Gear demotivators

    Not very good I know, but I needed something new for this thread :)
  14. db2450

    Thinking of using H.264 MP4 rips for the season pack. Thoughts?

    The iPlayer version looks just slightly more unclear then the .ts version. Look at the grill of Renault and Clarkson's face. However, in theory the overall quality "should" be better in the iPlayer version It is harder to support and keep two torrents alive then it is to just have one. Also...
  15. db2450

    playstation 2 on hdtv, what cable ?

    Depending on the game, Component makes a HUGE difference. Component max is actually 1080i not p :) and most games can't support that, but lots do support progressive scan so you at least get 480p and if not you still get 480i which is better then composite xD. But, if you play games like GT4...
  16. db2450

    9800GT 512MB for $100 - Whats the catch? I dont understand how a deal could be that good and the original price is only $130 also.
  17. db2450

    KaJuN is Shipping Out

    How will you last without your weekly Top Gear (s)? Good luck, hope you find it fun after the hard stuff gets out of the way :P
  18. db2450

    Gran Turismo 5

    As in $70 once you add taxes? The actaul price shouldn't be over $60
  19. db2450

    Finalgear Folding@Home team

    My PS3 is set to fold for the FG team when ever I leave it running. Should have gotten like 2-3 work unites over the last week. I'll check to make sure the team number is the correct one.
  20. db2450

    File format of the HD versions of next TG season?

    Both options Those of you wondering why alot of people on here say MKV > MP4. Its because MKV supports AC3 which is probably the best audio codec availible in a single file format and anything that plays MKV's usually supports 5.1 channel surround sound AC3, while a lot of MP4 players...