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  1. Danny Tran

    Post Your Shoes

    I'm using these now although they make my feet sweat more.
  2. Danny Tran

    Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

    Infiniti G sedan please !
  3. Danny Tran

    Shopping for a used car, want some input

    I'm shopping for a first car. It's about darned time since I'm almost 30. Budget is $CA 12,500. I'm living in Halifax, Canada, for a few months and we get quite alot of snow here in the winter months. I plan on driving up to Montreal and back 3x a year and I want something reliable, interesting...
  4. Danny Tran

    Poor M5

    I could swear in the long version of this vid, when the car had it's alarm beeping away, the car was crying in pain.
  5. Danny Tran

    Unveiled: 2012 Toyota Yaris

    I like that Yaris' interior. The new Accent is also worth takin' a look at too:
  6. Danny Tran

    The weekly Times Online car review by Jeremy-thread

    bumpy! Other than by subscribing, has there been another alternative for getting the articles? Yes I did search.
  7. Danny Tran

    Your New Year's resolutions.

    Wear pants more often.
  8. Danny Tran

    Car Reviews by Top Gear presenters: one article, one thread

    I'm mostly referring to Jeremy's reviews. I just read the one on the Fezza 458 which is not in the massive TimesOnline thread, and it was so much simpler to read and comment on. Since his reviews are rare, one per week at most it wouldn't be too bad sofar as thread count go.
  9. Danny Tran

    Post Your Shoes

    New-ish Sketchers
  10. Danny Tran

    things to do in Montreal

    Actually, it is seen as a gesture of politeness rather than "I'm far more bilingual then you, so don't even try". This happens all the time with locals (francophones with anglo and vice versa) though Montreal anglophones who never bother to try to learn basic french are frowned upon.
  11. Danny Tran

    things to do in Montreal

    That is closed whenever it's not being used. Or if it IS open you can roll on it with you bicycle or with your car but there's a speed limit fo 20kmh. If you're heading to the casino, you may try it out I guess.
  12. Danny Tran

    things to do in Montreal

    If you really want to go to hip clubs, you can go either on St-Laurent or Crescent. Depending on your taste for music and type of setting I can ask a friend. I'm not big on clubbing myself. More eating: There is AWESOME Indian dining around Jean Talon West near Acadie. More stuff to see...
  13. Danny Tran

    things to do in Montreal

    Down town is a great place to just walk, drink and shop for cloathes and shoes (look for ALDO and Brown's). Chicks are really good looking too. Old Montreal and the Old port is nice to walk but very expensive to eat. Visit Montreal underground: network of walkways and malls (Les Cours...
  14. Danny Tran

    Cars you'd like to see in series 15?

    I'd like to see some Infiniti products in review!
  15. Danny Tran

    Car History of Clarkson, May, Hammond

    I can't believe May got that Fezza. I'm so jealous.
  16. Danny Tran

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    Gasoline (petrol).