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  1. anti-net

    2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

    1) Who will take pole and who will win the race? Webber or Vettal 2) Which driver will lead the WDC after Hungary? Probably still Lewis 3) How will it look at the top; domination? Hopefully not, its no fun when its decided before the last race 4) Can Lotus get into Q2? Hockenheim was a near...
  2. anti-net

    My New 1966 W108 250SE

    What a beautiful car, perfect colour! I would love one of those old mercs, such pretty cars with so much class
  3. anti-net

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    Really enjoyed that episode, thought I'd come back here after a long time! Loved Hammond's race, love Dakar cars there awesome, surprised how well it managed on the snow. Bugatti race scene was awesome, love the orange touches on that car :D But the Senna tribute was epic, I'm a bit to young...
  4. anti-net

    What has improved between 1997 - 2009 in your life? (UK)

    Quite a lot has got better but a the same time quite a lot has got worse couple of points: - EMA, or Educational Maintenance Allowance, I got this while I was at College for 2 years studying Software Development, (American and British Colleges are different, I guess College in the UK is like...
  5. anti-net

    Richard Hammond in four-car pile-up in his ?110k supercar

    I hope it can be fixed, there quite rare cars would be a shame to have one written off! Seeing as it was as he was approaching a roundabout it might be minor damage...It is silly season so all the news is a bit....shit EDIT: Oh its also the Daily Mail, It might have actually been James May, in a...
  6. anti-net

    BMW about to pull out of F1?

    Could the team still enter as Sauber? I thought BMW were going to be an engine supplier next year!
  7. anti-net

    The FIA Presidential Election thread

    I really think Ari would be best for FIA president, He hasn't got any interests else where like Todt would, Yes he can claim he'll be completely independent but no one forgets the hand that feeds them! Ari is more of a independent and he's got experience in pathetic and poorly organized politics...
  8. anti-net

    Hey, Morris Marina Fans!

    Bearing in mind they think the Marina is a good car this doesn't surprise me....
  9. anti-net

    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    Next season will be interesting, I think McLaren will keep Lewis (kinda obvious) they may not keep Heikki and he hasn't really delivered a huge amount of points for them. I don't think Sutil will go to McLaren but he might go to a mid-field team like Williams, I doubt they'll keep Nakajima. Nico...
  10. anti-net

    [13x06] July 26th, 2009

    Very funny, enjoyed the Nissan and BMW comparisons test even if I don't like either car :P I also missed the start and have no idea why there were dinosaurs! I thought the cheap classic car challenge was very funny and how they fell in love with there cars....even May and that car was bloody awful!
  11. anti-net

    2009 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    Ohh I haven't done this in a while. I thought the race was quite eventful, sucks for Renault that they lost out because of a mistake in the pits. I really hope Brawn GP pick up there game again as I would love to see them win the championship tho seeing Red Bull win would also be good. Looking...
  12. anti-net

    Massa [was] in 'Life-threatening' condition

    What a horrible accident! I hope Massa can race again but I doubt it'll be for this season as he's clearly suffered a big impact. I hope he gets better soon!
  13. anti-net

    Boo-urns! U.S. Senate Votes to End Production of F-22 Fighter

    I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Have to think unless the Taliban buy some MIG-29s the F-22 is not going to see a lot of combat but then again America has to protect itself and it allies (Cheers!) from them evil-doers! And as many people point out, the F-15 is getting old. But you...
  14. anti-net

    Taking the new Ford Fiesta for a Spin

    What is with America's love of Sedans? they make a Yaris sedan too it just looks....odd!
  15. anti-net

    My own "cheap car challenge"

    MX-5 would mean you'd have to pack light, I love the idea of buying a cheap car and doing a long trip. I wanted to buy a cheap old BMW 3-series (something like a 323i) and drive all around Europe and into the old Soviet bloc, see stuff you don't see on normal tourist trips! Good luck and I'd go...
  16. anti-net

    Taking the new Ford Fiesta for a Spin

    Anyone actually know what changes they plan to make to Americanize it? I really hope they don't turn it into a saloon (sedan) and make the interior cheap. It could give the Mini a run for its money in the little city car market. There selling really quickly (I think) here, I pretty much see a...
  17. anti-net

    2009 German Formula 1 Grand Prix

    I was very impressed with Webber managing to climb back from that drive-thru! Hopefully this win will be the motivation he needs to make it more than 1. Great race but I still would have liked to see Jensen get some more points, I really want to see him get the Championship!
  18. anti-net

    2009 British Formula 1 Grand Prix

    1) Who will take Pole and who will win the Race? Vettel, Button 2) Will all existing 2009 teams be granted a license for the 2010 season on June 12? Yes, there just bitching like little girls 3) Which of the new teams to put forward applications for 2010 would you like to see on the grid next...
  19. anti-net

    Swedish Pirate Party enters EU parliament as voter turnout rise:)

    I'm well pleased with this! In the UK the far-right BNP won 2 seats which was depressing, this just gives me a bit of hope!
  20. anti-net

    Top Gear race against British Mail

    This looks like its going to be a good race but I can already tell you the car is going to win, The amount of post I've lost thru the Royal Mail has just stopped been funny. But oohh they drove thru Cornwall! They've got to be the most interesting people to visit Cornwall...ever (for those that...