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  1. Tram

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    Oh, one important thing I forgot to mention is that the laptop is only used on the go. So during uni lectures, when I'm at my parents' place, and when I'm traveling. That's why I'm still torn between a MacBook Air and a 14" MacBook Pro for my next laptop, one is super light and portable, the...
  2. Tram

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    I'm pondering whether to get an external mouse for my laptop or not. Microsoft's Bluetooth mouse is currently on sale at €12.77, down from the original €17.92 price. In one hand, I see many people getting along just fin with using nothing but the touchpad, yet when I'm doing any work that has to...
  3. Tram

    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread What is it about 80s pop songs that they become earworms in my head so easily?
  4. Tram

    WRC Croatia 2023

    That's it. Sorry for a low-effort post this year, hopefully, next year I'll have a bit more time and motivation for doing a proper WRC Croatia report.
  5. Tram

    WRC Croatia 2023

    Another year, another WRC race... Truth to be told, this year my enthusiasm for the WRC race was low. I didn't even feel like going through crowds to see some rally action. Instead, my father found a nice spot not far from his weekend cottage, and I joined him. I did want to take some pics, and...
  6. Tram

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Does anyone else use Deezer on an iPhone? And if so, does anyone experience unwanted swipes when you’re trying to click on one of the tracks on the first column of “Mixes inspired by…”? Also, on a somewhat related note, boy oh boy, iOS 16 is such a crappy release. They better improve things for...
  7. Tram

    Lens Flair

    Today I went and shot some trams. (Who would've guessed?) This is my favorite shot.
  8. Tram

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    While I’m not big into spectating sports, and didn’t know anything about him prior to today, I am sad to hear about his passing, and pissed off at local WRC organizers. Local media is saying that Breen himself was pointing out problems with safety aspect of WRC Croatia last year, but apparently...
  9. Tram

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Does any of our Porsche experts know which exact color this is?
  10. Tram

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    I’ve recently bought a used Dell XPS 13 9370 from eBay, as I wanted an inexpensive laptop that I could just put in a backpack and carry around to uni and when I’m traveling. The problem, and the reason why it was so cheap, is because the battery seems to be on its last legs. I’m planning to...
  11. Tram

    Lens Flair

    It is a bit weird, but I kinda like the non-consistence of it. It feels like bending the space-time continuum, at least a little bit, lol. Thanks! I agree.
  12. Tram

    Lens Flair

    I've just had my first roll of film developed and scanned. This is not the best photo I've ever took, far from it, but there's some charm to it, at least in my eyes. The rest of the pictures mostly turned out even worse than this, but hey, it's the first time I've even tried film photography...
  13. Tram

    Post a pic of yourself

    I've just had the first roll of film I've ever shot developed and scanned. While most of the photos didn't turn out that great, as expected, I'm overall satisfied with the results. Here is an unedited picture of me that my dad took, complete with the pornstache that I've been growing as a joke...
  14. Tram

    Someone Else's Problem: Srs Bsns, Volume 3

    Is that Technoviolet?
  15. Tram

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    I find it surprising how late my allergic reactions started this year, since they only started last week. Also, the intensity is much, much weaker this time. I'm probably gonna eat my words in a couple of days.
  16. Tram

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I would like to own an Opel Omega as well, they’re not even that unobtainable price-wise, but they are so few and far in between here, especially good examples. Good luck finding a petrol-engine one that hasn’t been LPG converted, too. Similar applies to Ford Scorpio, and even more so to Ford...
  17. Tram

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    One of the two official Apple resellers for Croatia reopened one of their stores today. As a promo, they were selling base-model M1 MacBook Airs for just €800, which is €500 less than the original retail price. Of course, the classifieds are filled with listings of brand-new, unopened base-model...
  18. Tram

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    I’ve heard their mission is to reach Uranus.
  19. Tram

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    This is not a joke, but a real product name. I wonder if someone from the marketing team was just taking a piss?
  20. Tram

    The "New Toys" Thread

    A Dell XPS 9370 laptop. Second-hand, obviously, and it's a 16GB of RAM model with a Core i5-8350U, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and a 4K touchscreen. I might replace the SSD with a larger one, and the battery, but I don't feel like throwing too much money into this, as it's supposed to serve as a...