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  1. eltoro507

    Family computer

    I'd save yourself the trouble and get a prebuilt, you can get some pretty decent ones. Techdeals did a pretty good video on one that seems perfect for your needs. links...
  2. eltoro507

    New monitor

    If your budget can take it, I'd go for an ultrawide (21:9) monitor. (3440x1440)
  3. eltoro507

    Boosting wifi signal, about 200 meters...
  4. eltoro507

    [23x03] June 12th, 2016

    Nearly all segments were quite watchable. Also I'd never skip anything @harrismonkey is in, great bit on the TDF Ferrari's.
  5. eltoro507

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Well, opinions are like assholes.
  6. eltoro507

    Chat Room [IRC Channel]

    Es ist kaput.
  7. eltoro507

    Last movie you saw?

  8. eltoro507

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Maxtortheone you EA fiend, leave our Icebone alone :'(
  9. eltoro507

    Ownership Verified: A4.3 - Codename Saudi

    Suspend this thread Viper007bond.
  10. eltoro507

    Music: Best Album Of The Year -2013 Edition - The Voting

    Anyone who doesn't vote for Nick Cave is wrong.
  11. eltoro507


    :woot: The Vivens I havent tasted before. Gregorius I'm curious about, the new "official" trappist from Austria. (I had the Zundert trappist earlier & was a bit let down). Coopers I didn't know so I bought one. The middle one is the most delightfull :P (and expensive :cry:) Den bangelijke is...
  12. eltoro507

    What Bugged You About Every Car You Ever Had?

    Peugeot 309XRD Pro: Comfy, reliable engine Con: Made from spit und kleenex & the engine was ONLY thing that was reliable about it. Citroen Berlingo 1.9d Pro: Very comfy, great aircon Con: It was slower then erosion. Fiat Doblo 1.3jtd Pro: It felt fast after a 1.9d berlingo Con: Everything...
  13. eltoro507

    The Android thread

    No, store bought. Only thing ive done to it is installing the ota updates and some apps that were synched from my google account. I could root it & install clocksync but that would invalidate my warranty. Ill just wait for what the store says & rma it I guess.
  14. eltoro507

    The Android thread

    So I bought a Nexus 4, which is really nice (& cheap!). But there's a problem with it. The clock on it runs fast (like 10 minutes every 8hours). I tried setting it adjust the time automagically, but that makes it even worse strangely enough. Tried doing a factory reset, but that didn't solve it...
  15. eltoro507

    The "New Toys" Thread

    New phone New phone Well I bricked my cellphone last night, or so I thought. :cry: Today I bought a new Nexus 4 for a nice price since the 5 is out now. Aaaaaand then I fixed the old one, with some help from Adunaphel. So now I walk around with two phones. (one private, one work) HTC...
  16. eltoro507

    Navigation for Android

    Might be better of just getting a zumo :) Those things are great.