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  1. DTMracer

    Autoblog: Koenigsegg engineer building a Volvo P1800

    Why didn't he fit a Koenigsegg CCXR engine instead?
  2. DTMracer

    No 56k: Novitec gets bored with tuning Ferraris

    I'll take the all the mechanical upgrades without the bodywork thanks.
  3. DTMracer

    Republicans push nuclear energy to lower costs

    Wow, I can't wait to see what these reactors look like :P But anyway, good to see a push towards nuclear energy. Here in Australia, we have so much Uranium, but can't actually use any of it to generate power....
  4. DTMracer

    Autoblog: Mercedes SLS spyshots [official interior shots!]

    Because I want something that I can drive everyday reliably without getting a headache, be able to talk to passengers and not worry about a priceless classic getting damaged. Also, I wouldn't mind being able to survive an accident. :P
  5. DTMracer

    Autoblog: Gullwing-America's "new" 2009 Mercedes Gullwing

    I want one in silver built on top of a current SL63 chassis. *Starts drooling.
  6. DTMracer


    Because the Cayenne isn't ugly enough.... The paint isn't helping either.
  7. DTMracer

    Another nail in the coffin for British society

    Remember, this is a pro-life supporter we're talking about. The phrase "head in the sands" seems to hold some meaning here.
  8. DTMracer

    Anyone want an invisible truck?

    What truck?
  9. DTMracer

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Somebody wanted a Lotus Elan and bought the wrong car? :P
  10. DTMracer

    Porsche Panamera Presentation: Porsche + Elevator + Skyscraper fun :D

    They're probably going to drop it down the side of the building and release the result as a new, better looking facelift.
  11. DTMracer

    Daughter takes father to court over being grounded and wins

    x2. Using your child as a tool is just plain wrong. I bet the daughter will probably end up like her mum when she grows up.
  12. DTMracer

    15 yr old beats up 83 yr old woman (link)

    This. Yes, most parents these days are quiet lazy, but I it sounds like this kid has quiet a few issues of his own. I say throw the scum in prison. Special consideration sholdn't even apply here, but then there is the argument that all criminals should face a fair trial regardless.
  13. DTMracer

    Ford GT1

    ^This is a privateer effot, not factory.
  14. DTMracer

    Ford GT1

    If only there was a factory effort.... Ford VS Ferrari. The good old days.
  15. DTMracer

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    And you went deaf after driving it. :P
  16. DTMracer

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Perfect for taking your kids to school.
  17. DTMracer

    The TukTuk coming to America?

    I think she's part of the package.