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  1. Koenig Good on you man... Good on you man, looks like you're living the dream.
  2. Koenig

    Need advice on whether or not to buy a BMW

    Yeah, that's what I figured, but I really don't want to wait till the end of the year for the new Mazda 6 diesel to come out.
  3. Koenig

    Need advice on whether or not to buy a BMW

    Hey guys, I haven't been around here for a long long time. Anyways, my beater is slowly dying, and as a last gift to me before I graduate from my second degree, my parents are buying me a car (as long as it's under $30,000). I've been looking at diesels for a long time, but seeing as how the...
  4. Koenig

    The "New Toys" Thread

    IT'S HERE!
  5. Koenig

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    New running shoes:
  6. Koenig

    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    All the banh mi places in my town sell then for <$2 each.....$3.65 sounds like a huge ripoff.
  7. Koenig

    Anthony Bourdain

    So I just got back from Singapore/Ho Chi Minh City, also ate at the Lunch Lady. Will post pics if people are interested.
  8. Koenig

    Help my friend build an economical gaming PC

    ASRock is an offshoot company of ASUS and is quite reputable, many builders over at /r/bulidapc swear by them. i3 should is more than enough if he is not planning on OCing, but if he lives near a MicroCenter, he can easily pick up a 2500k for dirt cheap.
  9. Koenig

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    New ceramic knives just came in.
  10. Koenig

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Parts have arrived:
  11. Koenig

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Just ordered....
  12. Koenig

    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    Just ordered a EVGA 680 wallet hates me.
  13. Koenig

    Game: League of Legends

    Anyone play? It's been one of the fastest growing and most popular PC games for the past year. I'm Koenigg99 on the NA server.
  14. Koenig

    2011 MLB Regular Season

    AA for king of the world.
  15. Koenig

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    My life just got consumed by Tiny Tower. Anyone else?
  16. Koenig

    So who actually works in the foodservice industry?

    Was a line cook for a while at a pretty large local seafood restaurant. We had a lot of tour groups coming through, especially in the summer. They always had a set menu (salmon, rice, veggies or chicken, rice, veggies), and I was responsible for prepping the veg. I remember cutting 200lbs of...
  17. Koenig

    2011 FG Fantasy Baseball... Check-In Here!

    Ouch....only took 1 day....
  18. Koenig

    Huge internet speed difference between laptop and desktop

    Hey guys, here's the info on the laptop: Acer Aspire 7535-5415 running Windows 7 AMD Turion x2 ZM-84 4GB RAM Wireless is G I believe, using WPA1 encryption. Router is an SMCD3GN modem/router combo provided by the ISP. Whenever I plug the laptop into the router, I get great speeds (50mbps+)...
  19. Koenig

    Huge internet speed difference between laptop and desktop

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with the wireless connection on my laptop. While I understand that generally a wireless connection will be slower than a wired connection (both connected to the same router/modem), I'm seeing ridiculously low speeds on my laptop's wireless. According to...
  20. Koenig

    An apology

    What the...there's a jailbait thread??? Where? (links pl0x)