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  1. Hemily

    Ownership Verified: Meet Luigi DeVito! That's right, another MX-5! Sorry.

    You look so bored for someone entering the karusell "*sigh* here I go again, another corner..." :P
  2. Hemily

    Ringmeet 2018 - First Blood

    Man, that sounds amazing now, sounds quite aggressive.
  3. Hemily

    Andx0r's 4-wheeled Toaster (1987 Toyota Van)

    Is that the same as the Model F? Edit: Looks like it is, hehe, I remember they were around a lot back in the day, also.. epic handling. :P
  4. Hemily

    Ringmeet 2018, because we're not finnished with this.

    I''m gonna see about putting some cash aside and maybe fly in like I did last time, I'll have to see, as I'm going in for some surgery in May, I'll be on sick leave until August.So I don't know what I'll even be able to afford.
  5. Hemily

    Ownership Verified: You May Not Like It, But This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like - 2012 Kia Forte EX

    I guess snow wasn't quite the Kia's Forte... I'll leave now. :P
  6. Hemily

    Testing Japanese auctions - 2001 S 500 L

    A rust-free S class from the 2000's? That is an impressive find! should be a fun car!
  7. Hemily

    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    They are fun to drive, the '85 I had was great fun, I kinda miss it, the '93 model I got now has real long gearing, feels sluggish compared to the old B200K one, and it's got a B230F. :P But with a locking diff, they are incredibly controllable, I got to test drive one and even just in the wet...
  8. Hemily

    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    I kinda have a weak spot for the B200K, as my first car had one. :P Though I didn't have the luxury of a weber carb, instead I had the intake and carb from a B21, as the stock carb on the B200K is garbage. In addition mine had been converted from automatic to manual with a M45 gearbox, aka 4...
  9. Hemily

    Elegant and well sliding brick for Finnish winter - Volvo 240 '86

    Cool to see another 240 on the forum. 1986... You got the facelift then and use the same body parts as mine. Tho it's pre-1987 so it's not galvanized. Fun cars though, especially on snow :P But can be hard to hill start as they're not that heavy in the ass, so if ya ain't got good tires ya might...
  10. Hemily

    Post a pic of yourself

    I hope to if finances allow! Also with the Volvo in slightly better shape, might even attempt to drive down if finances allow.
  11. Hemily

    Volvo to supply Uber with self-driving fleet

    We're slowly getting closer to the future predicted by the anime eX-Driver. :P
  12. Hemily

    Post a pic of yourself

    It's a crappy front camera, no effects, just bad camera :P
  13. Hemily

    Post a pic of yourself

    I think my beard might be getting a bit wild...
  14. Hemily

    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    hmm... the line I got at home now.
  15. Hemily

    Ownership Verified: My 1986 Volkswagen Polo Classic

    Does it have a fuel filter? could be something like that?
  16. Hemily

    What's Your Personal Top Speed?

    I reached 200km/h on the speedo on my current Volvo once, actual speed was probably less. Top speed I had on my Mustang II was Unleaded fuel only. :P bottomed out the speedo on that one, I have no idea how fast it actually went.
  17. Hemily

    Ownership Verified: I was looking for a new car. Instead I got a horse...

    I sold mine, but I used to have one. :P On topic again, congrats on an awesome car. :)
  18. Hemily

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Poking at an older post, hope folks don't mind. :P What was the fascination with digital stuff in the late 80's and early 90's on US cars? we had a Caddilac in at work with the fancy wording on the air filter box "Digital Injection" It was stupid, the engine was stupid too, and we had to use...
  19. Hemily

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Yeah, 4 speed.
  20. Hemily

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    So... today I had the somewhat dubious pleasure of driving this thing. 1988 Ford F-150 with an I6 engine and manual transmission. 1st gear was useless, started it in 2nd gear as it was better, and still, i'd sometimes end up with wheelspin and the back end hopping. Not a fan. :P