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  1. AiR

    Random Thoughts....

    I too connect with that story about something being unearthed from a shallow grave. No random thoughts in over a week? We need to recruit more people.
  2. AiR

    Assembly line videos

    HA! I live. Thanks to Seat actually. And this plant in Algeria, which is literally medieval in terms of auto assembly. Moving floor? Why no you silly person, we have people people to push carts along Seat says.
  3. AiR

    "Care By Volvo" all-inclusive lease for $600/mo

    Fuel isn't included in any leasing deal aimed at private customers though, otherwise it's pretty much the same, except Volvo will wash your car, fetch it and bring it back for service/tire switching etc. Also you can share your car if you're not using it with someone else through the Volvo app...
  4. AiR

    Unveiled: 2018 BMW X2

    Even camo department can't be bothered. Also I intensely dislike the plastic "rear window" spacer behind the rear doors. And the 2 meter tall door sills.
  5. AiR

    Dyson electric car?

    Oh, Dyson, those guys with a "digital V6 engine". Yeah, no.
  6. AiR

    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Meanwhile in the Ugandian parliament (skip to 3:00)
  7. AiR

    Unveiled: 2018 Volvo XC40

    Pretty! Suspect won't take long for these to pop up all over.
  8. AiR

    Spied: 2018 Suzuki Jimny

    I love it. Keep it simple. I thought that interior was from the old 1980's version until I saw the screen. Still love it. Don't change a thing. Box everything up and sell it.
  9. AiR

    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    That's slightly disconcerting for the patient! But I can confirm that ambulance has a sufficient amount of lights. Not sure why that control module in the drivers seat needs to be illuminated by a blue LED border however.
  10. AiR

    Unveiled: The Teslerr Model 3

    Yes I suppose so. But what if there's no electricity? Is the owners manual up anywhere yet? This is very important :P
  11. AiR

    Unveiled: The Teslerr Model 3

    How do you open the door from the inside?
  12. AiR

    China's Transit Elevated Bus

    This is truly unexpected and shocking news!
  13. AiR

    Cool Videos

  14. AiR

    Unveiled: 2017 SEAT Boring... I mean, Arona

    Obviously Seat are listening to this in the office
  15. AiR

    Cool Videos

    I say old chap the attitude towards mine disposal in this clip is very British indeed
  16. AiR

    Unveiled: 2017 VW Arteon

    It's very snazzy outside but inside it's waaay too Passat.