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    The Music Thread :D
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    Visit to Philadelphia - suggestions on what to see

    Ok, I found Atlantic City rather weird, this place looks like some postapocaliptic city that somehow managed to survive the atomic blackout. The drive to Cape May in New Jersey was very nice though. The lighthouse and the nature reserve is worth seeing. The car spoiled the fun though and made it...
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    Visit to Philadelphia - suggestions on what to see

    It certainly is, already went downtown on Monday on the R5-Train, found it rather convenient. The Old City is very nice, me likes:) Rented a rubbish car for today and tomorrow (09' Cobalt with no ABS:blink:) and went to Lancaster County on the backroads, really highly recommendable. Tomorrow...
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    Visit to Philadelphia - suggestions on what to see

    Thanks for the advise, but where I am it's rather safe and I have absolutely no intention to get into the drug dealing business ;)
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    Visit to Philadelphia - suggestions on what to see

    I'm staying with a friend near Philadelphia at the moment. I've already seen quite a bit of the city and the area now but since these people are not very car or motorsport enthusiastic I wondered if there are any places I have to see or placed that might be interesting to visit or just to drive...
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    My European Delivery Adventure Film

    Great video, enjoyed every minute of it :cheers:
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    Autoblog: Alfa Romeo to build 169 sedan on Chrysler LX platform (Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger)

    Well, the text says it will be based upon the next gen 300c/Charger. Will that be an entirely new car or just a new body on old underpinnings? Knowing Chrysler I'm not assuming the best.
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    Need Help, what manufacturer made this vehicle and when?

    I know I've seen it before but I can't remember:mad:
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    Brabham Racing resurrected as BMW tuner makes more sense, they call it (correctly?) an Australian Company.
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    Kick ass!!!: Scion xB Taco Truck

    That is one of the most ugly vehicles I've ever seen, every Sprinter with an open sliding door makes more sense.
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    Derestricted Autobahn

    klugscheiss=smartshit :mrgreen:
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    Nissan Versa now the cheapest car in N. America.

    What a horrible looking car, I think it's on sale as a Tiida in Germany (what a stupid name :S) for more than a year and I haven't seen it once.
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    ZR1 Drops 4 Seconds....

    Did anybody notice that almost nobody talks about the 1/4mile times? These times are the really irrelevant values when it comes to judging the overall ability of a car. If that was GM's intention they did rather well by putting down those numbers. Nobody talks about the ZR-1 about the car that...
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    Jeep to return to Renault?

    And the smaller part is located in the Middle East, the Sinai-Peninsula, anything east of the Suez canal, but I think the Jeep is built in the african part of Egypt ;)
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    Ferrari California

    Looks like a Corvette C6, only uglier.
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    Several images of future GM products captured

    Maybe it will be produced in Korea.
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    That can happen, it's common practice in almost every country. Although I liked the setting of the race and the shots of Japan I somehow have the impression I am missing something. Maybe the GT-R does not have the same fascination as the previous cars on the other races. It could have been a...