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  1. Senninha25

    Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

    The fact that yesterday, on Felix da Costa's Macau GP win, due to the lack of Portuguese anthem and having the crowd (well, Da Costa's friends and family) sing it, pushing him to tears has never made me this proud to be Portuguese before :')
  2. Senninha25

    Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

    I'm a little bit sad that Da Costa's chances were finished by a gearbox glitch... :(
  3. Senninha25

    Just rewatched the 2005 USA GP.

    Personally it was a bittersweet race for me. I think 7 years on, it's clear that if the fans could choose between whether to put a chicane on Turn...whatever, the final turn, or have 14 cars pull into the pits on the warm-up lap, they (and me, a Portuguese man who was happy to see Monteiro...
  4. Senninha25

    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe

    Valencia is definitely a borefest, but even that still can't get me into being able to make an accurate prediction of the results for Sunday's race. This bloody better be a good omen for what the Valencia race has in store, otherwise it's going to be more sure than ever that the Valencia Street...
  5. Senninha25

    Racing Colours

    Can't believe that this was forgotten (or probably I just missed it)
  6. Senninha25

    General Anime Thread

    Does anyone remember this? I just finished watching the whole series (bar OVA's and Movies) and I really think this is the most complete anime series I've ever watched! It's got everything for everyone...lots of laughs, action, romance...little bit of heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments...
  7. Senninha25

    Finalgear: How do You Shave?

    I usually go for a nice trim every 2 weeks, and shave the excess beard that grows from the chin down, so as to keep a nice, tidy full-face beard. Shaving the whole thing off is a waste of time for me, since I hate doing it and I hate my clean-shaven face even more.
  8. Senninha25

    Most underrated/unlucky drivers in F1 history

    Luca Badoer won F3000 only to be given absolute italian shite to drive during his F1 years...Scuderia Italia Lola, then got in Minardi when they started losing performance, and the killing blow was that heartbreaking gearbox failure out of 4th place in Europe '99. Last blast was 10 years later...
  9. Senninha25

    The best ever crap car driver

    Barrichello wasn't a bad example when he put the Stewarts' teapot in 2nd place at Monaco 1997.
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    Is it me or does this Civic come across as a very futuristic car? Granted, it's NGTC-spec but it looks like something that would come out in 3 years' time. Either that or I'm just an old fart.
  11. Senninha25

    Good F1 races in the rain?

    Monaco 2008, Monza 2008, Canada 2011. Those were pretty good races to watch live.
  12. Senninha25

    Cars you'd like to see in Series 18

    I'd love to see the Megane Renaultsport!
  13. Senninha25

    Cars You Crave to See at LeMans - 24 Heures du Mans Fantasy Grid

    I would just love to see Renault come up with something that hasn't been discovered or tried with motorsport but that is still acceptable (very long shot nowadays, I know). You know, another first to their already long list of first things. (First turbo engine in F1, first onboard camera during...
  14. Senninha25

    2011 Formula 1 Gro?er Preis Santander von Deutschland

    I'd love to see an HRT make the right tyre choice and start going on an overtaking frenzy until taking the lead before the red flag eventually goes out...:mrgreen: Buuut I'm not so sure, seeing as today's FIA is so hell-bent on babysitting the drivers- oh I'm sorry, protecting them, that's the...
  15. Senninha25

    2011 Formula 1 Gro?er Preis Santander von Deutschland

    1) What do you think the race podium will look like? Hopefully there's going to be a little surprise in that podium, but I just expect the usual...Vettel walking away with it. 2) Will the revert on the engine map rules have any affect on the standings in the front? Will McLaren be back up there...
  16. Senninha25

    What Form of Motorsport Would You Compete in?

    I would definitely compete as a touring car driver (I wish I could get a hand at the Super Tourers of the 90's, specially the Laguna), and if I had to race in a lower category I would do single make trophies or anything involving reasonably-priced crapboxe-...tintops. And my main aim would be to...
  17. Senninha25

    New version released (still no Scirocco, physics, etc)

    LFS is back to being a Sunday joy as far as I'm concerned! :D Obviously there aren't any full-fledged RACING servers as there used to be (4 out of 5 are cruise servers nowadays, bugger <_<), but there's always S2 for a good time and a full multiclass grid. Also the moaning about the...
  18. Senninha25

    Random F1 pictures

    but unlike Justin Bieber, he isn't absolutely awful at what he does. :)