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  1. p0w3r

    Autoblog: New Mitsubishi USA chairman has batshit insane first task: revitalizing the brand

    LOL i think its hilarious that the salesman is trying to sell the benefits of that system in the video and he actually sounds enthusiastic about it
  2. p0w3r

    2014 Subaru Forester

    Yeah because it makes so much sense to buy a compact crossover with a utitlarian plastic dash and materials when you are in a market for luxury 7 seat midsize SUV (mdx). Back to the Forester. I think i read somewhere that the new 250hp direct injected engine will be CVT only, kind of a bummer.
  3. p0w3r

    What should I know about a B6 A4 1.8T AT before buying?

    Are german cars just as reliable (or close enough) as their japanese counterparts over there then? I always wondered the same thing too, I always see people on this forum with mid 90s BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis and they seem to all okay with decent amount of miles on them. On the flip side, I...
  4. p0w3r

    Post Your Watches

    I love the domed sapphire crystal. It makes the watch look more upscale and it has a nice blue AR coating like breitlings. I bought the watch already modded, but according to the seller, the sapphire is from yobokies. As for time, I would say it loses about two minutes a week, or about -15sec a day.
  5. p0w3r

    News: Volvo ending production of C30 in December

    I have to disagree with the interior. I know its already a couple years old, but it looks incredibly dated and boring. It does make sense that they are stopping production though. Since the biggest quality of the car is its style, it would make sense that after a few years the cool-ness of the...
  6. p0w3r

    News: Volvo ending production of C30 in December

    Thats very interesting, because I would think that the GTI would have a much more luxurious feel to it. I say think because I will admit I've never actually sat in a C30, but when I last sat in a GTI it felt nearly identical in quality to the last generation Audi A4. I do see how people would...
  7. p0w3r

    Bedding brake pads/Brake pad options

    Wouldn't yellows be too aggressive for the street? I have used green stuff before and they definitively stop better than stock with less dust and no squeals at all, even in the cold. I have akebonos in my car now and they are eh...only slightly better than stock.
  8. p0w3r

    News: General Motors Is Headed For Bankruptcy -- Again (Forbes)

    You do know that the US government made money on some of the bank bailouts right? Not saying its right or wrong, but our bailout of AIG has netted the US government 15 billion dollars. This does not count the 8 billion dollars worth of outstanding shares the government still has in AIG stock...
  9. p0w3r

    News: Volvo ending production of C30 in December

    hah in new york, I dont know anyone with somewhat wealthy parents get a used bmw. Most girls get a brand new C-Class/328i/A4 while alot of the boys get a 335i/G37; also brand new. Don't even get me started with the 20 year olds I know with brand new M3s, C63s, and Porsche Cayennes. Back to the...
  10. p0w3r

    Post Your Watches

    Im not a biggest fan of how they look, but casio gshcoks are supposed to be very strong. I know that the top of the line "frogman" models are actual diving watches used by real divers. Speaking of divers, I just got a new everyday watch that I'm not too worried about scratching up. Its a SKX007...
  11. p0w3r

    The dilemma of buying new cars vs used (secondhand) - opinions?

    I actually know someone who does this, except he buys nice cars. He scours the forums for the best deals on evos, G35s, and other cars that are in high demand and then deatails and does some maintenance work on them. Sometimes drives the car for a few months, other times he just flips them with...
  12. p0w3r

    The dilemma of buying new cars vs used (secondhand) - opinions?

    I also think it has to deal a lot with the car you buy. For example, My TSX I bought new at 27.5k after some cross shopping and haggling. Today, I think if it were to sell it i would get around 24k. I think that if I were to buy a used 2008 TSX back then, I would have paid around 23k and now it...
  13. p0w3r

    2013 US-spec Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe

    I agree with all the others but the new camry is completely different than the old one. Its actually *gasp* slightly less beige
  14. p0w3r

    Coolest police car ever!

    Aren't those meter maid mobiles? I know most prius are driven by meter maids and not real officers.
  15. p0w3r

    The car cleaning thread

    LOL there was a sale on a US detailing shop this past week...everything was 15% off plus free shipping. went overboard and ordered $300 worth of stuff :(
  16. p0w3r

    The car cleaning thread

    I'm not sure about the others since a lot has to do with personal preference, but for the rubber parts of your car I highly recommend a product called 303 Aerospace. It protects rubber, vinyl, plastics, and basically anything synthetic really well. I put some on my friends old car it was almost...
  17. p0w3r

    The Android thread

    Anyone planning to pick one up at that price? I was planning to upgrade my old piece of sh*t galaxy s 4g to the s3, but with the nexus at this price, idk if the s3 is worth the extra money despite being an overball better phone. thoughts?
  18. p0w3r

    Post Your Watches

    reminds me of my current daily watch...also from my grandfather. (except its a lot less expensive than a corum) omega deville prestige
  19. p0w3r

    Post Your Watches

    <_< lol i actually didnt like the iwc at first but then i saw it in person and how the sapphire covered bezel actually has lume on it:
  20. p0w3r

    Post Your Watches

    wow thats a great price! did you find it on watchuseek? I've been looking for that exact planet ocean with the black bezel. If I find one for the low 2000s with a stainless steel strap I am jumping on it. If I can't I might just pony up a little more for the iwc aquatimer: