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    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Remember that the BBC retain not only the title but the format of Top Gear, so there wouldn't be a SIARPC anyway; just as there won't be a Stig. Car reviews, trips and shenanigans are fine.
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    Top Gear USA returns June 3! [2014]

    I thought this was for 2015 till I registered the date- bummer. I've heard rumours that the show has been cancelled but can't find any confirmation. Does anyone know for sure?
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    Top Gear Consumer Panel

    Ah, but whose suggested changes? What you think would improve the show might ruin it for me and vice versa. I'd be interested to know what the rationale is behind this exercise.
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    Top Gear back 2nd February 2014!! "A record 3bn television and radio programmes were accessed on the BBC's iPlayer last year, with half of the top 20 TV shows made up of BBC2's Top Gear." People sometimes talk about the ratings slipping...
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    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    I was reading the Car Lounge forum and came across this from Rutledge Wood:-OP:"TG US might have half a chance IF the interaction between the presenters was anywhere close to the TG UK guys. The UK presenters come off as great friends having a time of it. The US show continues to seem forced and...
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    Christmas DVD 2013

    From Google Translate:"-Many fans of the transmission went in the center of Verona already this morning and waiting for the darlings challenging patience and warm". I shall adopt this whenever I'm asked what I'm doing on Top Gear Sundays - I'm waiting for the darlings (g)
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    Christmas DVD 2013

    Thanks for drawing attention to this - I shall always think of Clarkson as Jerameee from now on. Just crazy. I never imagined Top Gear had such a following in Italy.
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    Clarkson: The Weekly Times Comment Column by Jeremy Thread

    Not in the UK - socialized medicine, remember. All the rest though, yeah!
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    Why are there more comments for Top Gear UK than for Top Gear US?

    Thanks for the replies. I think maybe I'd imagined that a US show, with US cars more prominently featured, and with US cultural references, might have generated more interest on the forum, since TGUK is still a very British show - not just with SIARPC, which I know a lot of international viewers...
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    Why are there more comments for Top Gear UK than for Top Gear US?

    This is an American site with, I assume, a majority US membership (I'm a Brit) and Top Gear US is generally agreed to have improved massively, with Top Gear UK being seen by some as on a downward slope, so why are the episode discussions for TGUK still averaging 8/9/10 pages while TGUS struggles...
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    Clarkson: The Weekly Times Comment Column by Jeremy Thread

    I didn't realise how much I'd missed these. Many thanks for posting.
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    Top Gear Series 19

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    Jeremy and James on Graham Norton 30 November

    BBC 1 Graham Norton Show 30 November 2012 "6/18 Graham is joined by Jake Gyllenhaal, Joan Rivers, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Ke$ha." Presumably this is to hype the DVD but , even so, the thought of seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on the couch, beside the two of them, is delicious.
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    Top Gear The Worst Car in The History of The World DVD & Blue-ray

    What an intriguing use of the word "legit"
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    Builders of the "Hawk" Stratos replica hit out against TopGear!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Muscle "Yes, but how many people like to be called incompetent? i'm sure you dont. I'm seeing a trend here after Telsa and other electric cars getting boned by TG. ie they want fake drama like so many reality tv shows."
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    Three more years of Top Gear Hooray! (modified rapture only, though, until we know we'll get more than one series a year).
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    Clarkson: The Top Gear Years (book)

    "collected between hard covers for the first time" - doesn't this imply the book is simply some of his newspaper columns reprinted?
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    When will Season 19 start?

    Richard confirms in the Mirror :"The motoring series, which he presents alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May, returns for a 19th run next year." (sad face)