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  1. YYEyes

    Happy Birthday! =D I don't know you (...yet?), but have a good one anyway.

    Happy Birthday! =D I don't know you (...yet?), but have a good one anyway.
  2. YYEyes

    Interesting Top Gear article from The Observer

    Nice article, I'm definitely going to have to forward this to my friend and my brother. I never realized that's how Hammond and May got the job. I read Hammond's book recently and I guess it's kind of sad to know that his worries weren't completely unfounded. =/
  3. YYEyes


    Awesome, thanks! :)
  4. YYEyes

    Post your breakfast!

    I'm in college, so my breakfast usually consists of what I can throw into a bowl at 6:30 in the morning. Today, that was oatmeal and diced peaches. Although most of the time i'm too tired to realize what I'm eating. There was one horrible time when I was halfway through pancakes when I...
  5. YYEyes

    Post a pic of yourself

    ^^ I had the same reaction. :) Here's a pic of myself. I cropped out my friend. I didn't know if she would mind me posting a picture of her. =/ God I love my dorky grin.
  6. YYEyes


    Hello! I've only lurked here for a little while, so i had no idea about the introductions thread. I actually posted first in another forum, sorry if that's problem. :( Anywho, I'm originally from Ascot in Berkshire, but I moved to the US when I was 2 so I lost my lovely accent. I'm 19 now and...
  7. YYEyes

    Hammond: 1001 Uses For A Richard Hammond

    153. Eyebrow enthusiast 154. Partner, and also lover. My first ever post, I hope you like. =)