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  1. THGL

    Mercedes Benz E Wagon All-Terrain 4x4? - fuck SUVs!

    A portal axled 4x4 wagon, you say? Circa 2003:
  2. THGL

    The Post Your Pets Thread

    I present "1 Adam 12"! He gets his name from an late '60's/early 70's TV show about the LAPD called "Adam 12". The call letters for the patrol car were 1Adam12. Since the dog is black & white (like an LAPD cruiser) it was only fitting. Here he his with my other dog, Murphy.
  3. THGL

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    Sellers photo, not mine. Should be here within a week. No more leaky kitchen faucet.
  4. THGL

    Unveiled: The Teslerr Model 3

    Just needed a little black and chrome insert like the Model S.
  5. THGL

    James May: The Reassembler

    This is reminds me somewhat of an old BBC show, Connections. I loved that show. I wonder if there are torrents out there...
  6. THGL

    Post Your Watches

    Gorgeous watches. They're in the running for sure!
  7. THGL

    Post Your Watches

    Okay, I need tax refund spending advice! I'd like a mechanical, hand-wound (not auto) watch. 40-42mm preferred. Swiss (Do German watch brands just use Swiss mvmts?). I'm fond of field watches, but would like something that could double as a dress watch as well. Under US$750 new, if possible...
  8. THGL

    Awesome Thread

    Why did he switch bikes half way through?
  9. THGL

    What Killed The Cimarron?

    Or a Pontiac J2000 or a Buick Skyhawk or an Olds Firenza. I remember one of the car mags did a cover shoot with all five variants parked next to each other with an overhead photo. Aside from hood creases, they were all cookie cutters of each other.
  10. THGL

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    And you're not required to clean the messy pan, the messy cooktop, the messy counters, and the messy anythingwithin6feetofthestove.
  11. THGL

    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    Don Featherstone Who?
  12. THGL

    Game of Thrones

    Yes, she does. That's why she tried to seduce him when they first arrived at Castle Black.
  13. THGL

    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    Mobile meth I'm guessing.
  14. THGL

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Either that or "gravel dust."
  15. THGL

    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    New water service to my house, to the tune of $1200. :( They started digging at the sidewalk and immediately hit the water pipe. Local code says the water service should be 30" deep, mine (house built in 1973) was about 12" down. What could've been a easy patch (was leaking) at the water...
  16. THGL


    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Socrates Proven once again.
  17. THGL

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    That would be the one. When I asked her about a log in she said the guy gave her the ID and password but it locked it up (the Apple account was locked). She called Apple and they told her no one has reported it as stolen. I'm starting to think this thing is a paperweight now.
  18. THGL

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    Hey guys, a friend of mine's wife bought a used iPod touch (5th gen) and it's iCloud has it locked. The person she bought it from "barely speaks English" and is not helping her with the password. Previous owner forgot the password and trying to explain to them to email Apple for a pw reminder is...
  19. THGL

    Concept: Fiesta-Raptor Concept

    Looks fun, and that's what it's about!
  20. THGL

    Aston Martin Vulcan

    "A" is for Aston. Fascinating.