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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    It's actually a local car as the owner lives in Tampere. Apparently first i8 in the Nordics:
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    Boxster/Cayman GTS launched

    I've been thinking this quite a lot and of course it can vary between countries and so on but do you have anything to back this up? The concencus in the market seems to be according to my understanding that the 991 is so expensive and in some respects faulted compared with it's predecessor 997.1...
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    Ownership Verified: 2000 2,7 Boxster

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    Return of the Maserati Ghibli

    I'm really liking this new Ghibli, somehow the design works so much better in this more compact car. The new Quattroporte misses the mark widely. What are you, 12?
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    Top gear Live 2012

    I just went to a Top Gear Live -show in Finland and have to admit I was disappointed. Only time we saw nice cars was when they were driven to stage in two rows - commented a bit by Clarkson and May and then they were driven away. There were more scooter and motorcycles than cars, quite boring...
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    Spied: New 2013 Quattroporte

    THAT IS SO BLAND! What an earth were they thinking??
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    The F-type thread

    Ugh, well that's debatable..
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    "Loud as Fuck" :D Yeah the last gen Astra won't be making on the list simply because it's interior is quite horrible. And also, the Loud-as-Fuckness is a problem :) I have been doing some test drives: Volvo V50 drivE 2009 - Very simplystic and dreary inside, not fun to drive at all. A...
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    The McLaren F1 successor

    It hyper-agressive. I like it, bold as it should be.
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    2013 Volvo V40 R-Design

    Is that Polestart blue? Have to say it looks really good and I really like the new V40.
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    2013 Ford Mondeo

    That interior is so horrible. It's never gonna sell well over here. And this pic is from the loaded-up version, imagine how horrendous the basic-spec cars are.
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    I test drove few cars this week. I wasn't being very serious as I'm not going to be able to buy new anyway but I wanted to get some reference. Skoda Superb, 2010: These seem to depreciate quite fast as I didn't even know they were in my price range. Anyhow, I tried the 2.0TDI 170hp Superb and...
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    Octavia is just wrong shape for right now. I need the hatch or small estate and as even Golf estate is a bit too large I don't think I'll end up with Octavia. Pitty they don't have that clever twin-hatch like in Superb. The 103kW 2.0TDI seems to be the best bet for me as it's pretty close to...
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    So I test drove a Golf today! It was actually completely new one and a TSI petrol engine but a hatchback at least. Hate to admit it but I liked it very much! I've driven the current Polo and Up and where I liked the Up the bigger Polo was a big disappoitment. Felt like car for senior citizens...
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    The superb is huge, my uncle has one and you could sleep in the rear-passanger leg space :D Anyway Superb and even Passat are bit too big for this use case. Volvo V50 has slipped a bit under my radar, have to take it to concideration as well. But I'm really, Really sceptical about all those...
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    Yeah, I definetly need to go and test drive one. They are very reasobly priced and lots of them in the market right now. They advertise the new Focus diesel right know pretty agressively claiming it to be the most economical in it's class but hopefully the previous gen diesel is decent as well.
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    I've never been a big fan of the Golf. Today I was in a VW dealership looking at used Golfs (and even new ones) and I just can see myself owning one. They are quite expensive and to me not that pleasant to be in. - - - Updated - - - Yeah this is my impression too: If it's a VAG -product it...
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    A silent econobox (looking for ideas for next car)

    Hello, I could swear I have seen some kind of megathread for these "help me find a car" topics but my searches were futile. I need to change my car to more boring one. As sad as it is, I need worktool so that I can keep saving cash to buy that lovely Z4M for weekend toy some day. But this is...