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    What is happening with feedburner?

    It seems to be called Google Feedburner now and it is not updating.
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    HeraldSun: Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson calls Ben The Stig Collins a greedy tw*t

    I've read that Jeremy has a place on the Isle of Man for tax purposes. If that's the case he is in no position to be accusing someone else of being greedy. You have to be rich already to be able to do that.
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    [17x01] June 3rd, 2010

    Hmm, It's almost 8:30 in the UK and the front page says that there is still an hour to go.
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    Vuze/Azureus with RSS Feed Scanner fault

    Using RSS Feed Scanner with Vuze/Azureus I get a "Fail TorrentManager createFromBEncodedFile fails" error. It has only happened with the Top Gear S14E04. Is there something I can do to fix it?
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    Rasmussen: Only 18% Say UAW, Government Will Do Good Job Running GM, Chrysler

    First, just because only %18 think the government will do a good job, that doesn't mean that they won't. It's only an opinion. Second, the private sector did such a bad job that even if the public sector does a bad job it's unlikely to be any worse anyway. In the end, both the private sector and...
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    "The Expendables", could it be the most epic movie of all time?

    I agree. I couldn't even be bothered to watch it to the end so I don't even know how it ends. Hopefully the director hasn't messed up Watchmen as it was a good comic series.
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    XVid and Video Encoding

    I use VirtualDub and use its resizer with the 0.75 bicubic option. I also use Gunnar Thalin's area based deinterlacer with the interpolate option if I have to deinterlace the video. I save it the first time using Huffyuv at the final size (ususally 640 x 360 or 604 x 340) that I want it to be...
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    Urgent! Vista won't boot! And Vista Sucks!

    Strictly speaking he is correct. Everything that stores data can be called memory. I remember seeing it in some old documentary where they referred to hard drives as memory.
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    Is there a way to rip the audio track from an avi file without re-encoding?

    If you use VirtualDub, set the audio to direct stream copy from the audio menu and then select save wav from the file menu. Once it is saved just change the extension from wav to what ever the original compression format was. The Avidemux tip given above also works and in pretty much the same...
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    Something i noticed about the Aston Martin/Monte Carlo challenge

    Actually, RHD drive is the natural way. Napoleon just made most of Europe change over to the other side (the parts he conquered) because he didn't like the English. Look at it this way, if you had to joust/fight someone on horseback and you are a right-handed person which is the most common...
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    [13x09] March 17th, 2008

    I think the Jaguar XF and the Citroen C5 are the two most interesting 4 door saloons I have seen lately. As long as the quality is good I think I could quite happily own a C5 with the fancy suspension. The Jaguar is out of my price range though.
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    DV capturing problem...

    That's when they stick to the standard. At work we had a hard disk type of Sony camcorder and it was an absolute pain to try and get the video off it into an editable form because it was in some strange semi-standard format. As I said, they are notorious for trying to get vendor lock-in. And not...
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    DV capturing problem...

    Do you get prompted to load drivers by Windows when you plug it in? Is the cable faulty? Premiere has generic DV control drivers but Sony is notorious for it's efforts to achieve propriety vendor lock-in. On my brothers JVC miniDV camera there was no need to load any drivers.
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    SBS to show TopGear series 1

    The original broadcast, 720x576 at 50fps with 224bps mp2 sound, is a 3.6GB file. It's too large to upload.
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    SBS to show TopGear series 1

    My rip is up on Tweeke's FTP.
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    SBS to show TopGear series 1

    Had a look at mine and they are the same except for two of them. One is 45 minutes and the other is 30 minutes.
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    70% of people think nanotechnology is immoral

    No, it's the design, or sometimes the lack of it, that's the problem. The unknown unknowns problem.
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    Microsoft tries to be cool and fails. Hard. Again.

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    SBS to show TopGear series 1

    At 59 minutes it must be very close to the original if not actually the original. It think the BBC prime rips are about 45 minutes.