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  1. bahnstormer

    Have they lost the essence of the old series?

    +1000 to this. The guy cannot drive, doesn't know much about cars, is not entertaining, and frankly just makes New Yorkers/guidos/italians look bad
  2. bahnstormer

    Have they lost the essence of the old series?

    i think it would help if the usa guys wrote the script like the uk guys do. or at least sat in on the writers
  3. bahnstormer

    [01x08] January 9th, 2011

    well, the sponsors could force him to say he likes it... =/ that's what i'm worried about
  4. bahnstormer

    [01x08] January 9th, 2011

    i hope he hates the x6m
  5. bahnstormer

    [01x02] November 28th, 2010

    yes because they need to squeeze 3x as many commercials in
  6. bahnstormer

    [01x02] November 28th, 2010

    the plain and simple of it is this - in the UK the presentors are also the producers in that they help to write what goes on in the show, the lines, etc this feels natural to us the viewers in the US the script writers are all held up at gun point to produce teh most wooden dull humor...
  7. bahnstormer

    [01x02] November 28th, 2010

    wood and faust can stay, but the other guy needs to be replaced immediately =[
  8. bahnstormer

    [01x02] November 28th, 2010

    looks like it was released early on itunes >
  9. bahnstormer

    Top Gear Apocalypse DVD

    def very lack luster this... didn't sit well with me at all...
  10. bahnstormer

    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    this is what i had in mind... based on a positive review i read somewhere... any experience with this?
  11. bahnstormer

    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    so the TV's audio output transmitted wirelessly to a set of self powered speakers won't work? would i have to have a simple amp behind the couch to recieve the wireless signal? or would it be ok to have teh amp by the tv and send the audio out from there?
  12. bahnstormer

    the Interceptor's general AUDIO thread

    OK OP --- Scenario Sony TV speakers do not project well enough. I want to setup speakers behind my couch (right by my ears) and send a wireless audio signal from the TV to them. Requirements 1. No amp wanted 2. Good wireless signal w/out worrying about batteries. 3. Speakers should sound...
  13. bahnstormer

    I met Vicky

    did she do her laugh?
  14. bahnstormer

    Finalgear East Coast Meetup, Lime Rock Park [August 30th]

    i've been to this festival in the past and it is a blast! ways to prepare: get ready for the heat! bring fully charged camera + mem cards =] i won't be coming this year but post some pics!
  15. bahnstormer

    My Lada 2107 Racecar Project

    so it'll be a drift car? not a rally car? what type of suspenion does it have? wishbones? independant?
  16. bahnstormer

    I'm pretending to be James May!

    lol 20 bucks for a set of pistons is swweet!!!! think that thing'll even go 100?? i just installed a new aftermarket electric temp gauge on my 88 fzr400 and my 99 yzf600 is workin fine i'd like to swap a 600 into the 400 frame and see what happens :evil:
  17. bahnstormer

    oldschool euromuscle FTW!

    wtf man!??!?! do u want to get banned??! heheh the golf is an economy car it is a compact car. maybe a sport compact car. it is hardly a sports car let alone a proper one. drunk bastards posting on the forum all frosted up :shock:
  18. bahnstormer

    The Engine of the Year Awards!

    i would say the new 911 gt3 engine should have won somethin
  19. bahnstormer

    Need help making a 'computer' - DONE

    oh wow that is so mean :cry: