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    [13x06] February 25th, 2008

    :lol: haha good point. Yeah the GT-R section was a bit short, or at least the 5 mins wasn't used as effectively as I thought it could be. I mean it's the first TV test. We want to know a lot of details about the car that we can't possibly find out by looking at pictures and reading press...
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    [12x01] September 3rd, 2007

    mmmm... very tantalizing first episode!
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    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    lol. Tiff Needell was in Canada (Quebec) before testing the new T-Rex. He didn't even mention that he was testing in Canada! The only way you could tell was with the Quebec plates "Je me souviens"
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    FINALGEAR.COM Ring Meet Pics [56k you better stay where you are!]

    Great pics!! Sounds like you guys had great fun!
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    [10x04] October 16th, 2006

    There we go.. there's Jason. And I thought BMW claimed that with their X5.. then Porsche and the Cayenne.. now Nissan?
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    [10x01] September 25th, 2006

    This new season is off to a disappointing start. I felt like I was listening to a podcast. I was expecting a car show, not a documentary. Did they have a substantial budget cut or something?
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    [09x10] July 3rd, 2006

    I liked the Mega Web bit.. that was cool and so was the C6. The Radford bit, I thought was pointless and I wasn't really intrigued about the Merc for some reason. The Acura RL isn't selling well in Canada since it's priced at Cdn$70k (69...something). The old RL sold for $55,000 exactly so yeah...
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    [Spy] 2006 BMW X5

    Hmm, the interior looks like the new 3 series... nothing new in design and I don't like BMW's aluminium (textured?) trim...the fake one that is.. It looks, well, fake and plasticky and unfortunately, the real aluminium trim isn't that much better either. It's probably worth it to spend on the...
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    Krazy Kars from Japan! (caution: lots of pics)

    That Toyota Picnic (Spacio?) behind the SVX looks like the gen 1.5 Sienna
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    [09x10] July 3rd, 2006

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    IS220d on 5th Gear

    23 views and no replies? :bangin: that's okay, I found it. thanks anyway
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    China to flood US with cheap SUVs

    2nd pic.. how is it that the inside door panel is more or less where it is and the rest of the front door just ripped itself away? Hmm, who needs stunt doubles when movie directors can just buy a bunch of chinese cars and make the crash more dramatic lol. "ok, how'd you make the car in the 1st...
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    IS220d on 5th Gear

    Alright, I've checked the episode guides (the adobe and the speed channel one) and neither had the IS listed. I could've sworn Tom tested it. Does anyone remember which episode it is? TIA!
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    JC's got a point: BMW has gone mad.

    that's true. I've never appreciated BMWs until I participated in BMW Canada's xDrive Test Drive Comparison Event. But I'll agree with the OP. iDrive is just user unfriendly. I couldn't figure out the radio controls during the entire test drive when my friend drove and I was in the passenger seat.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    omg. I don't have a pic because I was driving when I saw it. I don't intend to try and fish out a cellphone and capture a pic but I saw a Spyker C8! It was on a flatbed truck here in Canada. I hope someone else got a picture of it!
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    ~425MB Top Gear rips?

    They seem okay the way they are. Unless there's a noticeable improvement in video and audio, 350MB works for me :)
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    2007 BMW 3-Series coupe caught with no disguise second picture... looks like a Mazda Millennia (Xedos 9) and from the rear, some Saab-like features. Looks good though :thumbsup:
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    What would you get instead of a 3-series?

    If I had to forego a 3 series? Probably an IS. My two choices would be a 325i or an IS250AWD (only because of the way they package the IS here).
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    Can anybody find something wrong with this exotic spot?

    ohh darn. Yeah there are several 300Cs with mesh grilles running around here.
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    What's your car?

    Yeah, those 16" alloys are on our base IS250RWD cars. Most packages come with 17 or 18" alloys with 2 optional 18" rims as accessories. I test drove the IS250AWD and IS350RWD at the dealer and pushed an IS250AWD hard around an auto-cross track at a BMW xDrive Comparison Event. They're nice cars...