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    Jesus Camp.

    One word: Hitlerjugend!
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    For all of you who understand "sarcasm" and humour

    :lol: "cartoony" is a nice description. I love Moers' way of taking the piss out of any subject.
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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    From that article: "Top Gear has courted controversy in the past over its big-budget car stunts, and in 1999 a group of MPs criticised the series for being "obsessed with acceleration and speed". " Why the fuck would the BBC write shit like that about their own program. Are they trying to make...
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    Another work of art from SsangYong

    Seriously, if I wanted to buy a car that make me shit my pants every time I see it.......THAT would be it! :puke:
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    M3 or C6 Corvette?

    Never mind old or new model...M3 all the way! Just so adorable to drive :thumbsup:
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    For all of you who understand "sarcasm" and humour

    Some of the people commenting the clip have translated it... BTW: dude you're a geek! :P
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    For all of you who understand "sarcasm" and humour

    Please don't start any flame wars on this's a seriously cool fun-clip from a famous german illustrator:
  8. Byte Richard Hammond Fund

    I...errmm...see.... :? Kinda explains why I couldn't think of any ;-)
  9. Byte Richard Hammond Fund

    Unfortunately all to true. Nevertheless...I always think that chocolate is a good choice as a present for a lady ;-) I don't know about any famous british chocolate, but if you find any nice pralines or so around there, I'm ok with it too. I'm just a real sucker for good chocolate ;-)
  10. Byte Richard Hammond Fund

    Umm...ok, I guess you don't know that chocolaterie, but lemme tell you that I already sent stuff to Japan or Singapore through them and there's been nothing but pure excitement involved. Their reputation is extremely good even outisde of Europe...
  11. Byte Richard Hammond Fund

    Ok, another 30 from me are in the pot. As far as presents go, I'd say a nice mix for him and the family. Toys for the kids (5 & 2 ... should be easy to find something), some chocolate for his wife maybe...check out's some...
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    Which car would you choose?

    I took the 6 series, but the 911 was a close contestor. Over here it's far too common. 6 series turns more necks, is more practical and people don't consider you to be a wanker :P
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    I wonder if Clarkson still thinks head injuries are funny?

    Geez...people that don't get what "humour" is are just so apt at making a complete fool of themselves... *dzdzdz*
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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    A fruit basket with the fruits shaped into the form of a 911? ;)
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    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Dear Richard, All the best for your speedy and total recovery from the depth of my heart. With your work, you enriched a lot of people and brought us entertainment, excitement and pure fun. Cheers mate and hang in there! Christian Berg Lausanne, Switzerland
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    A Prayer for Richard Hammond.

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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    I so hope he fully recovers and is fine. All the best for him from my side too!
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    2006 Lotus Exige 265E (fastest Lotus ever)

    Why? Just say your thinking about buying a track car and are evaluating the options.
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    Holy carcrash, batman!!! :shock:
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    2006 Lotus Exige 265E (fastest Lotus ever)

    Go to a dealer and ask for a'll never regret it :-D