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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Looking at it this way, I really think I have to swap the 175mm front wheels on mine for the usual 205/215mm. :think:
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    The "New Toys" Thread

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    Ownership Verified: My new fun car for the summer -> Speedster 2.2

    I?m 1,80m so I do fit perfectly. AFAIK up to 1,85 shouldn?t be a problem at all, from there on it all depends on personal tolerability. More of a problem is entering and exiting the car because of the high sides (second pic, lower left). With the roof down it?s just a matter of standing in the...
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    Ownership Verified: My new fun car for the summer -> Speedster 2.2

    Thx guys. One more pic (smartphone) after the car wash. For a 14 year old car, the paint is in an extremely good condition. :nod:
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    Ownership Verified: My new fun car for the summer -> Speedster 2.2

    Hello there! Finally I have made the decision and bought a car for the summer. My list was long (350z, Mx5, Mustang, Z4, Crossfire etc.) and now an old Opel (built in 2001) has won. :) The car isn?t usefull at all, it?s just a pure driving machine so I figured it?d be the perfect car for having...
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    Superman & Batman movie

    Comic-Con Trailer nerdgasm :w00t:
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    Idiots + cars = LOL

    The mirror.
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    Which 10" FHD tablet to get?

    Same here. Bought mine a few months ago - no crashes or anything, so I can?t say anything bad about it.
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    Movie: MARVEL's Guardians of the Galaxy

    Seems to be the perfect time now to go through my GOTG comic books. Collected the series many years ago but never really finished or even read it. :( And yes, the trailer ist great and I can?t wait to see the movie.
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    Spoilers: Walking Dead on AMC

    The writers are over the top with Carls teenager-behaviour. Like another Website stated: "the son was particularly annoying throughout episode 9 because of his childlike behavior. He wished his father dead. He refused to eat. He made stupid decisions when it came to conserving bullets, even when...
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    Spoilers: Walking Dead on AMC

    I was indeed talking about Carl. Michonne otoh is one of my fovourites. Carl is ... yeah, "annoying" is the correct way to describe him. The last episode had it all: acting stupid (as in "walking backwards into Zombies"), being once again very unfair to his (heavily wounded) dad, being a...
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    Spoilers: Walking Dead on AMC

    now that was boring. :( my least favourite char got the most screentime ... can?t remember a worse episode.
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    2012 Formula 1 Grande Premio Petrobras do Brasil

    So that?s the reason why Webber drove circles around any other driver in every single race - the car was miles better than ... oh wait. Any sane spectator could see that at different points in the season, certain cars had advantages, just as the cars favour this or that track-layout. And to all...
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    Last movie you saw?

    /signed Watched the Avengers 2 days ago (Cinemaxx Essen, 3d) As an old Marvel-Fan, I can only rate it 10/10. Not much to criticise and some really unexpected (pretty funny) Hulk-sequences. And yes, Hulk vs. Thor -> epic. :thumbsup:
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    ADAC breakdown statistics for 2011

    The german brands offer their own services for their customers in case of a problem. And yes, sometimes the ADAC takes over, after the customer asked the Call-Center for help. The funny thing about this: These ADAC-services are not included in this "Pannenstatistik". source (german)...
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    A few days ago:
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    How Many Cars Have You Driven?

    Owned: 1978 BMW 520 1987 Honda Civic 1994 Opel Astra 1996 Honda CRX del sol 199? Fiat Bravo 2004 Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT 2010 VW Golf (company car) Driven (mostly family cars - in no specific order): 1982 BMW 728i 1984 Honda CRX 1.6i Ford Sierra 197? Toyota Starlet...
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    Origin of "tii" in BMW 2002 tii and 1 series tii?

    AFAIK that?s correct for (at least) the old model (the 2002).
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    I?ve also owned a PT Cruiser (the GT - 332Nm) and it was a fun to drive. Except for the Battery it never let me down, while my newly Golf6 had 4 Problems in the first 3 or 4 months. And yes, the seats were very comfy. :)