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    TGA Axed

    Wow, i am surprised by some of these comments. For me, the U.S show is fantastic, nearly on par with Clarkson and co now. The Aus series has been a terrible embarrassment, yes it has improved slowy since it began but still the hosts just dont compare to the US or UK hosts. It is a shame TGAUS...
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    no upload of season 2 episode 8 yet?

    why does it take the yanks sooo long to get a rip out of latest ep? UK is always up with hours of airing :?
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    International racing stars making occasional appearances could boost the profile of the category. Would be good to see how the Aussies square up to some big names. Hopefully JV at least does Bathurst this year.
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    I think it was more to do with Ford being off their game in the early stages of '07. Everytime a new car is introduced in this category, it is slightly uncompetitive. You're right about 2008 though, fbc, Holden definitely have some catching up to do, even with Ford running a new car.
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    Tander and Davison at HRT is a good combo for '09 i reckon. I'm itching for the first round.....i wonder if Ford will struggle with their new car as was the case with Holden and the VE. Team Perkins for the win! :D
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    Hi everyone :) New member here. Im a huge rev-head and cant get enough of TG/FG. Im from Australia and am a huge fan of V8 Supercars..........Go Holden! :D I have been hitting the FTPs recently and would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is sharing their vids. Love this site and...