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  1. CrzRsn

    State of the Forum vs Telegram

    Sorry, but I'm just hearing excuses. Forums are dead. Telegram is easier. Lots of things are easier. Its easier to microwave frozen food than it is to cook. Its easier to watch youtubers gamers than it is to actually play. People don't do things because they're easier, they do them because they...
  2. CrzRsn

    Ownership Verified: Neon Genesis Evangelion: My 1995 Chrysler Neon SE

    I'm actually surprised they built those here and shipped them over instead of building them at some joint venture plant in Europe. I can't imagine the thoughts going through the minds of the port workers on either end when they were loading/unloading this thing. American dock workers: This will...
  3. CrzRsn

    State of the Forum vs Telegram

    Preface: I know I said I wouldn't bring this up again, but oh well, I lied. So in a time when pretty much everyone is forced to stay home, surrounded by their desktops and laptops, people are still insisting on choosing a communication medium that's optimized for phones. This place is pretty...
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    Automotive memes

  5. CrzRsn

    Automotive memes

  6. CrzRsn

    Automotive memes

  7. CrzRsn

    Idiots + cars = LOL

    Wait for it
  8. CrzRsn

    The "post your configurator summary" thread

    For $32k, you can get 2-3 used JK Wranglers in decent condition.
  9. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Got a reply back. I was right!
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    Automotive memes

  11. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    We’ll see. I sent them the details I knew and could find in the book. The photo credit on the undated photo of that car belongs to one of Kar-Kraft’s engineers that worked on the program so perhaps they now have a name to chase down. One thing is for sure, the photo is unmistakably of the same...
  12. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Kar-Kraft’s Mach II prototype. I have a book that has a different photo of the same chassis in the same level of undress. Saw those photos online, walked to my bookshelf, pulled out that book and flipped straight to that page. Sometimes I really wonder about the data I keep in my brain readily...
  13. CrzRsn

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition] Is it bad if I was able to identify that car instantly? Just shot off an email with details to Ford.
  14. CrzRsn

    Automotive memes

  15. CrzRsn

    Automotive memes

    I follow a couple of these automotive meme accounts on Facebook and some of the posts are straight up hilarious. Since right now is a time when we all could use some more laughs, posting my favorites here.
  16. CrzRsn

    Show us your Lego!
  17. CrzRsn

    The Music Thread

    Had that show on last night, good stuff.
  18. CrzRsn

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Annnddd it doesn't work. Ordered an identical RAM module that came in my laptop originally, was delivered today with no packaging save for an unmarked anti-static bag. Popped it into my laptop and nothing. Took it out and laptop worked fine. Swapped it with the module that was in there and...
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    The Stand Up Thread

    Going to dig up this thread from its shallow grave since in this time, more fun things is better. Friend of mine sent me this the other day, I found it hilarious