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  1. Iosis

    [03x09] February 12th, 2013

    Good episode, had a lot of laughs :) On a sidenote; was I the only one who thought the last challenge was extremely dangerous? I mean, Rut, in what was left of his car, no protection at all from the back, open windows, simple shirt. Adam with his building and no visible racingseat or whatever...
  2. Iosis

    Little late, but thanks ashspet :)

    Little late, but thanks ashspet :)
  3. Iosis

    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    Bart de Graaff! Dutch guy who set up his own Public-broadcasting associations (for lack of a better term) before he died of a kidney-disease. Awesome guy :) Here he's playing a weatherman with Gilles de la Tourette (link)
  4. Iosis

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    did anyone notice the guy in the Epic Meal Time shirt during the Matt LeBlanc-interview?
  5. Iosis

    Jackass star Ryan Dunn, killed in 'high-speed' crash

    Surpisingly(!?), he's the first of the bunch to die. Although Wee-man was supposed to have been killed in a skateboard-accident a few years ago, but that was fake. I'm usually not the mourning-the-famous-dead-type, but this was an absolute shock to me. I know he was an idiot for drunk driving...
  6. Iosis

    [17x01] June 26th, 2011

    In one of the first episodes of the new series they had 2 designers drawing out what they thought the new E-type would look like, IIRC (1x03?). Think Jezza is going to reference that?
  7. Iosis

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    That's never gonna happen...
  8. Iosis

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    Emma Watson, JK Rowling, Larry the Cable guy, David Attenborough and some others that have been mentioned before :)
  9. Iosis

    Morris Marina equivalents

    Couple of cars come to mind: Old Fiat Panda I hate this with a vengeance, especially the Seat Marbella-version. It creaks, it moans, it's ugly as hell... Same goes for this old, horrible cookie tin (koekblik, Dutch for bad, bad car) I actually drove this once, it was a nightmare... I...
  10. Iosis

    Top Gear moments that made you laugh?

    - Jeremy shouting SKWEEWEEEVEEVOLL when imitating a german - Richard's victorydance-thingy when he beats ze germans (funny that hasn't been mentioned) - Jeremy imitating James May, especially naming his tools can't think of a good one for James May, a lot has been mentioned already :)
  11. Iosis

    Episode suggestions

    I'd say indeed the Africa one, the one with the green Ford Fiesta review and one of the old ones, preferably the Pendine Sands episode. No time to find the right episode-numbers, but the FG-downloadpage can help you with that one!
  12. Iosis

    If the Kill the Sting I'm Boycotting Top Gear. Whose with me?!

    Or they build a walk-in closet with multiple coloured Stigs hanging from hatstands. "Hmm, red Ferrari on the track, let's take Red Stig out today"
  13. Iosis

    Which Top Gear moment caused YOUR worst trouser accident?

    Great topic! From wetting trousers to cloud formations, cool :) Anyhow, funniest ever in my opinion: Jeremy saying SKWEEWEEVEEVOLL!! Really no idea of the episode... And surprisingly, nobody mentioned the launch of the Reliant Rocket!
  14. Iosis

    Top Gear Mistakes

    ^ ^ thanks for the shots!
  15. Iosis

    Top Gear Mistakes

    In 1003, at the end of the Peel-segment when Mcmoinahahan (dunno how to spell that name, i'm not British :P) turns the car the other way, the mercedes second in line changes from a silver merc to a blue one (49:20 - 49:37).
  16. Iosis

    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    The trio isn't be the trio without you... Get well soon! Jonne, The Netherlands
  17. Iosis

    [08x08] July 30th, 2006

    Great show!! I really want an M15 now :) btw, did anyone spotted Noel Gallagher??