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  1. Blayde

    Brands you use

    Thinking about this on the way to work, there are some brands for everyday use we all stick by, for clothes, shoes, other things we wear/always have on, good or bad. I'll start off. At home/outdoors I wear no name shirts as long as they're 100% cotton and comfy but I do like Gildan, Port and...
  2. Blayde

    Images request

    Doing some artwork, need reference images and they're kind of hard to come by. Need a perfect top down view of whole car (with shadows all on the same angle if possible towards the right) of the following cars: BMW M1 Roadcar BMW M3 E30 any iteration, road version BMW M5 E28 or any E28 5er...
  3. Blayde

    Top Gear Worst Car Special WTS

    Can't find a relevant thread, even though it all sounds like BBC music, specifically interested in the track during 55:30 onwards, during the LFA segment. Appreciate any help
  4. Blayde


    Inspired by Thomas' thread, I thought i'd ask here for opinions on replacing my keyboard. What I have: Logitech G110 gaming keyboard (click for image) Logitech Performance MX Mouse Razer eXactMat mousepad The problem is that since i had a new table built, the keyboard feels... shit, it's fine...
  5. Blayde


    Something i was wondering while shopping yesterday, how far do certain brands reach, are they global or do some stick to continents and are rebranded? I was wondering what brands you'll use for everyday stuff that we can all relate to, f.e. I use Lux soap, also available is Fa and Pears, but...
  6. Blayde

    New Mouse

    Yes, I am a logitech fanboy, i like them, i have an MX1000 for the pc, which is to be replaced, and an MX518 for the laptop, which is excellent and hasnt faulted me once in almost two years of use. The 1000 is losing the middle click ability and is getting on, i was looking at the G500, or the...
  7. Blayde

    Blayde's selected works

    I realise i haven't posted much of my art over here, mostly in irc and in the random thoughts auto thread where it gets lost... since a lot of it is auto work im sure some of you would like some nais wallpapers, so, here goes: click each for higher res Yes, i could've just...
  8. Blayde

    Reality o'clock

    I started this with a few ideas, but until I can come up with some more, I welcome some ideas from you guys and any that make it into the final clock will get credit :p It's a sort of funny clock relating to the times of the day, inside is pm and outside is am, i'm working on a sort of arrow...
  9. Blayde

    Koenigsegg Agera Vector + Wallpaper

    I just realised I never made a thread for this and only the irc peoples saw it. I finished a vector for the Koenigsegg Agera a couple of weeks ago and made a neat wallpaper for it too This is a solid vector, no gradients, I think it turned out nice... 1920x1200:
  10. Blayde


    I want to start trying different types of cheese, but i have no idea where to start, I was thinking of starting with Edam and Gouda, but i don't know if there's anything to look out for, brand, specific types etc. Im am a cheese nub, but i want to get a decent set of cheeses for different...
  11. Blayde

    Beechcraft Vector\Wallpaper

    Derek wanted a vector of this awesome plane, so i did it, and he came up with a cool Wallpaper idea, so for anyone interested: Original: Vector Wallpaper:
  12. Blayde

    Pakistan jet with 152 on board crashes

    From Reuters & Aviation Week This hurts on a personal note as a member of the aviation industry :(
  13. Blayde

    The Good Guys Anyone started watching this? I'm really liking it after 2 episodes. I love the cheesy 80s and 90s of Whitford while he keeps his wit from West Wing and the modern take side by side, it's a refreshing change from the seedy/scifi/gritty cop/detective shows that...
  14. Blayde

    The NEW Top Gear Subtitling Project

    Hallo all, I was bored and decided to start a new project, subtitling TG from Season 1. Started playing with Aegisub 4 days ago and didn't know if i could really do it, but I finished the first ep and it looks good \o/. So, first of all please don't merge it with the TG Subtitle Project...
  15. Blayde

    Honda Civic EXi

    Since Z got his TT, I automagically get his old car and technically the first car i can call mine :mrgreen: It's a 2006 Honda Civic EXi 1.8, full auto, Asia spec (obv.) It's bone stock save for the tinting on the windows and the rear windshield was replaced. It's not an amazing car i'll...
  16. Blayde

    Drive the World's Fastest Roads

    Nice article from WIRED Mag 1. I-75 (Alligator Alley), Florida, US ? Distance: 82.9 miles South Florida's I-75 cuts across the Everglades with a pin-straight stretch that mocks law-abiding citizens with its monotony. But those seeking the outer limits of speed will take pleasure in its...
  17. Blayde

    Need some Tiff and Jonny images

    I'm trying to make new buttons for the shows and i can't find ANY good images for Tiff or Jonny, can anyone help out? I can find only one for Jonny and the Tiff one is that same polo neck image that's been used to death. I don't need a very high res, anything above or around 400 px will do.
  18. Blayde

    No 56k: E60 M5 'Track Racer' with 600 lbs off

    From All i want to know is, why? There are much cheaper ways to get the same results, and the M5 is MADE with perfect weight distribution, this just messes it all up, makes the whole exercise futile.
  19. Blayde

    AMG "gun platform" Merc WIP, advice needed

    Doing an AMG to gun platform type conversion :D was wondering what kind of gun suggestions you could give me (come on, i know you're out there), i was thinking gatling gun on the side with the bullets leading into the body and rocket pods on the rear, 007 style, anything else? I don't want too...