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  1. Sm?rg?sbord

    Email from Applause

    Google web mail. :(
  2. Sm?rg?sbord

    Email from Applause

    I got an e-mail telling me to click on the picture, which had no picture for me to click on. :( (I have been once already, so I'm not making a fuss. But seriously, FFS Applause Store.)
  3. Sm?rg?sbord

    2009 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

    I prefer that, it's much more fun! I just really, really hate him. I don't know why, there's no logical reason. But I want him to be gone!
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    2009 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

    Apologies if this has been said (long topic, can't be arsed to read it all), but is anyone else amused by how all the drivers have started calling KERS the "special button"? :D Moderately interesting race, I was bored in parts but not as bored as China (zzz). I agree that there was far too much...
  5. Sm?rg?sbord

    James May: James May one decade ago on TG ;)
  6. Sm?rg?sbord

    Clarkson: Jezza DVD prices skyrocket

    I just like any excuse to post that image. :P
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    Clarkson: Jezza DVD prices skyrocket

    ...presumably a typo?
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    Tesla 'accuse' Top Gear of being 'lying b'stards'

    Because some of us live in other countries?
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    What type of accent does James have?

    Ooh, that's really interesting. Thanks for the info! I often wonder how sometimes people from other countries "can't hear" different British accents as there are an absolute ton, but I think in a lot of cases they don't realise they exist.
  10. Sm?rg?sbord

    What type of accent does James have?

    LOL what, do you not have accents in Aus?
  11. Sm?rg?sbord

    Morris Marina, Rosie O'Donnell, or bird flu?

    You underestimate the reach of the American media.
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    "Cheap stunts": running jokes, stuntman, V8 gadgets, falling over - yes or no?

    Further to this, it's worth looking at the poll results - even on this site, the number of people who enjoy the cocking about outnumbers those who don't by quite a way, and we're the "hardcore fans/car enthusiasts place" (speaking very, very generally). It is a minority of this forum's members...
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    May flirting

    Since 2000, according to Wikipedia. I don't know where they got their info from, though. (He does reference 'Woman' in his columns, but that's all I've seen him say on the matter.) /goes to get a life :P
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    What type of accent does James have?

    I always think Hammond has a bit of residual northerner in there too - there are a couple of bits that have residual Birmingham (like I think the way he says four-b'-fours instead of four-by-fours, has anyone else noticed this?), and I spot a few bits that sound like residual Yorkshire too - he...
  15. Sm?rg?sbord

    News Uncut from episode six

    Thirded. :D I'd be happy if they cut TG Stuntman and the V8 stuff for another ten minutes of News.