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  1. awdrifter

    Game: NieR: Automata (PS4/PC)

    Just started playing it a few days ago, it's pretty good so far. While the graphics is not the best, it's aiming for 60fps on consoles, so I kinda get the compromise. The gameplay is similar to other Platinum Games like Metal Gear Rising and Beyonetta, but it seems to have more RPG elements like...
  2. awdrifter

    Game: World of Final Fantasy

    There's Japanese audio for this game included (or as free DLC for the PS Vita) Giant Bomb Quick Look The reviews are above average, it's at 78 on Metacritic. I just started playing this a little bit yesterday, it's pretty...
  3. awdrifter

    Screen recording software?

    I need to record some video from a streaming site, there's no way to capture the stream. I've try CamStudio but that program records at very low framerate even after I set it to record at 25fps. Are there any other programs out there that can do this? Thanks.
  4. awdrifter

    Nvidia CUDA Encoding removed?

    I'm trying to use the CUDA Decoder functionality in TMPGenc Video Mastering Works 5 to work with my MSI GTX 970. From what I can find it seems like Nvidia has removed support for CUDA encoding after the 340.52 driver update, which is pre-Maxwell release, so I can't even roll back to an older...
  5. awdrifter

    [The Verge] The future of self-driving cars: welcome to Autocon 2035 Unfortunately their projected timeline is in a slideshow form, so I can't paste it here. But it's an interesting projection. It would be said if it comes true, because they project by 2023 cars...
  6. awdrifter

    What to look out for when buying a car with out of state title?

    My dad wants to buy a truck that has a California title from a private seller. I have bought cars from private sellers before, but they all have in-state titles. Is there anything special that I need to do when buying a car with out of state title? Thanks.
  7. awdrifter

    TV: Pysch Is anyone still watching this? The first few seasons were pretty good, then the last few seasons got really dumb. But it seems to be coming back a little bit in Season 8. I just watched episode 3 (the "2006" episode), it's funny without being...
  8. awdrifter

    Is it still possible to buy Low Volume High Pressure (LVHP) spray guns?

    I want to try repainting my car's fender, from what I've read online, a LVHP spray gun will give me the best atomization. But I can't find it on sale anywhere, all the online shops seems to sell the HVLP gun, the exact opposite of what I want. If anyone knows any online stores that still sells...
  9. awdrifter

    Any video editing tool that can speed up the audio track?

    I have a mp4 file that the video and audio is out of sync by about 20%. I can't find any tool that can allow me to edit the audio stream separately (I tried Sony Vegas, TMPGEnc). I need to be able to speed up the audio then re-encode that finished product as mp4 again. If anyone know of any...
  10. awdrifter

    Will save file work when revert back to older patch version?

    I'm having problem getting gold in the IB-1 braking test. From the videos I've seen, I'm doing exactly the same thing as the video, but it seems the car's sliding distance is a little bit shorter, thus increasing my time. I'm going to uninstall my game and install only up to whatever update that...
  11. awdrifter

    Nascar Driving School Advanced Daytona question

    My GT5 is updated to 2.13, and the turning off ABS trick as been disabled. There were mention of turning the ABS to 10 then turn down the brakes to 0, however, that has also been removed now. Does anyone know if the save file will still work if I uninstalled all the updated? I'm thinking about...
  12. awdrifter

    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    I didn't see a thread for this, if someone already posted this please lock/delete.
  13. awdrifter

    Unable to download TGUS S03E02 from magnet link

    I usually download from magnet links, but I opened the magnet link with my default bt client BitSpirit (which supports magnet links and I've been downloading fine previously) it's not able to download the .torrent file. It's not a big problem since I can download the torrent, but I'd just...
  14. awdrifter

    Game: Child of Eden

    I was interested in this game ever since I saw the reviews, the game looked good, and the music is great so far, but the game is not fun if you don't have a Move or Kinect. I'm playing this on PS3 with a controller, at the third level it's already impossible to beat with the controller, and the...
  15. awdrifter

    MegaUpload Shut Down by the Feds, Founder Arrested This really shows the the SOPA and PIPA protests are useless. The US government will do anything the MAFIAA wants it to do. Honestly I'm surprised US file hosting sites lasted as long as they did, most torrent and ed2k linking sites moved...
  16. awdrifter

    Where can I download the Firefox CPA Blocker addon?

    I'm trying to find the CPA Blocker plugin for Firefox, looks like Firefox has removed it from their official site (probably due to advertiser pressure). If anyone know where I can download it please share. Thanks.
  17. awdrifter

    AMD FX-8150 (Bulldozer) CPUs launched (and reviews)

  18. awdrifter

    Game: Xenoblade Chronicles (??????)

    Anyone else playing this game? I just started playing it, I can understand the story so far with my limited Japanese, but I really need a walkthrough for how to upgrade weapons and abilities ("arts" as they call it). So far the game is pretty fun, I wish the combat system was more active though...
  19. awdrifter

    BFP UNO the transforming motorcycle

    The anime version. This is just too freaking cool. It's almost straight out of the Ride Back anime. Now all it needs is some arms and make it be able to dance. :P
  20. awdrifter

    TTA to MP3 conversion with CUE file?

    I have a .tta with a .cue file. Is there a program that allows me to mount the .cue file and convert the .tta file into individual songs? Right now I can only convert the .tta to a single mp3, then I had to manually cut up the songs. Please help, thanks.